By Weiss Kelly

CAPRICORN  (Dec. 22 – Jan. 21) 

The new moon in your own sign is sure to guarantee a year of major new changes, new people and new career opportunities awaiting you. This powerful and romantic cycle continues until July and is a period of having things your own way. Take only the actions you need most, because the career demands are strong. Just do not ignore your emotional needs, family and home. January is a month of prosperity and is an excellent time to launch new ventures or release new products. For February, since your last month was favorable for starting new ventures, this month is even more favorable. So many events and functions will require you to create a bigger social life and unnecessary travel is best avoided  until after February 26th.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS  Capricorns are the powerful creators. You connect with the right people and that person standing next to the Governor or a celebrity in the photo is usually a Capricorn.

AQUARIUS  (Jan. 22 – Feb. 18) 

Get ready to have a new job or business offer in 2014. Your greatest interests will be intellectual and relationship-oriented, so expect an expanded love life later in the year. Some may be involved with a major undertaking. In January you enter into a month of personal independence where you can create your own conditions. Joining a group of like-minded people is to your advantage. For February it is time to one more social meaning, Networking works wells, not to mention the importance of reaching at Venus in your own sign. This makes you a magnet for attracting others on both a personal and professional way so dress your best.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS  You Aquarians are the true rebels with true causes. You  are also the chairperson who easily  arranges all the charity balls, the raffles  and runs the marathons, too. Aquarians have all the bells and whistles in the latest technology equipment and you just have to be your own person.

PISCES (Feb. 19 – March 20) 

2014 will be putting right out there, up front and personal. A lucky cycle began last year and will continue well into late spring. Put your efforts into working in cohesion with others and the pooling of your separate resources. In January you can safely de-emphasize home or family matters for the time being.  What are you waiting for?  Put yourself out there by getting involved with groups , group activities and organizations. For February work or personal issues may need more clarity (like getting all the correct informatio before taking action). You will be entering your own personal cycle starting February 19th when you are energized and motivated. Job opportunities will be presented then.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS  Looking for a good movie to see? Ask no further. You Pisces are so into films and the first one to purchase a ticket to see Grace of Monaco. You are an unparalleled archivist of experiences and enjoy sharing them.

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)

As you step into 2014, it will not be all about you, it will be all about them. Break free from past restrictions and focus on interacting more with others the first half of the year. This will determine the second half and that will lead to many new  professional and personal terrains to conquer. Expect January to be fast-paced. Family and home matters will be replaced with career goals and you will find that your finances will need a overhaul. February brings good news and that reputation you have established and your financial sound judgments will pay off well. The month’s social happenings will introduces you to people of high status.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS; You Aries all are quick and multi-tasking experts. That person who starts ten projects at once, then leaves three-quarters of them for you to finish, is of course, an Aries.

TAURUS April 21 – May 20 

That fixedness of yours, will need to be replaced by flexibility this coming New Year. Your everyday lifestyle and involvements will be redesigned. Like last year there continues to be some challenges regarding personal relationships or business partnerships. January can prove to be successful, providing you follow through on your goals. However, just thinking and talking abut them will not be effective. Taking action and implementing them will. Early February is the time to wrap up any important matters. A period of confusion, delays and miscommunications can occur, including your love life, so you may want to put some things on hold.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS: Money makes you happy. Tauruses are the first one in the ATM line. The best day of the week is Friday because it is payday for the sign of the bull.

GEMINI  May 21 – June 20 

The New Year can bring some much-needed financial opportunities to earn money in a new variety of ways. It will require you to put that gift of communication to good use and that sharp mind of yours will need some more sharpening. In January let go of some inner emotional insecurities and focus more on your outer objectives. Consult with others who are more experienced or do some in depth Interneting. February could bring some confusion, as a planet  goes south (backwards). If you expect to do some traveling, I will be better to reconfirm your reservations (February 6th-25th). Or, if you have any social affairs check the dates, or expect some minor adjustments to be made.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS: You are in love with words. You never leave home without it? Without what you ask? Your Thesaurus, of course. Newspapers, magazines, Facebook, comic books and gossip puts a sparkle in your eyes.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

As Lady Luck continues to follow you into the New Year, you will still have many more opportunities to increase the quality of you life in many ways. Including marriage or a proposal. Take advantage of her six-month stay. January starts the year off on a social note, expect to be in demand and exercising your social skills more often. Professional life can be over demanding and competitive. Use moderation in health matters. February is a good month to start a new venture, or  put an idea into play. Be prepared to make some last minute changes and relationships may be sensitive, so use caution.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS:  Cancers are all into family, home, and food. Just glance down the gourmet section of the food aisle to see that Cancer is the one with the basket overflowing with exotic spices, jellies, organic veggies, fruits, and special cuts of meat. As is your approach to savoring life.

LEO  (July 23 – Aug. 22)    

2014 requires you to be patience and work behind the scenes or play it somewhat low-key until the second half of the year. The year may start out slow, but all that wait and creative effort will play off at last from July into 2015. For January, as the month progresses, your finances will get better. The focus will be more on others than your daily enjoyment of life. Your ability to get along easily with others is an asset. This includes your colleagues. February proves to be socially, politically and romantically-oriented. It will be a happy month of events to attend, requiring you to dress your best as the spotlight will be on you. Take another look at what you really want to accomplish in the next months, too.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS; You Leos never buy or order paperbacks from Amazon. They buy first editions that leather-bound hard covers. The bigger the better, including huge coffee table books autographed by the author. You also have subscriptions to every fashion magazine’s international and domestic editions to stay in the stylish know.

VIRGO  (AUG. 23 – SEPT. 22) 

The New Year starts off with two New Moons (which is rare), giving you double opportunities to go in different directions in 2014. Communications, education and social interacting are being emphasized in the year ahead. January is productive and finds you ready to launch a new project or idea. Others will be important to your success as well as cultivating a new circle of contacts, which will be important. February finds you utilizing information and keeping up with the latest trends and local events. As well organized as you are, some glitches to your schedule or plans may occur during this month, so expect some last minute changes that will be necessary.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS Need a Band-aid, aspirin, paperclip, screwdriver, or Swiss pocket knife? Look no further then the Virgo’s purse, glove compartment, or desk drawer. Like the Scouts, you Virgos always come prepared for anything.

LIBRA (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) 

The New Year will not be dull, so expect some challenges the first half of the year relating to your finances and earning potential. You will be making some new friends and going into unexpected directions, too. Making more conservative plans and creating a reduction in your budget and expenses is early 2014’s theme. January is hectic and busy, yet rewarding. Actions you take to demonstrate your unique importance and worth will be the highlight of the next two months. February is all about your interactions with others and you can expect a whirlwind of social events, networking and entertaining. You can put that diplomatic talent to good use now. This month kicks off the social season, so spruce up things.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS: Libras are rarely without someone at their side, or if not, there is a suitor waiting in the wings. You create marriage more then any other sun sign. Why? Because you are so nice, agreeable, and attractive. You’ll never find Libras dining alone, because you are people people.

SCORPIO  (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

2014 starts off with a new moon and then another new moon, changing a number of conditions into your favor. You are undergoing a much needed renovation stay with the challenges that will test your abilities, but it will all pay off. In January personal independence verses reliance on other people requires a bit of give and take on your part, whether this relates to your career, business or personal matters. Conditions can be changed to your liking. In February, finances may slow down, but it will not stop earnings. A settling of your home, or family may take priority. Love relations move forward as February always has a tinge of romance to it.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS Extremely observant, you can never fool a Scorpio, so  do not even try. You are the only sign that can read a Rorschach test with 100% clarity that exhibits their James Bond, Agatha Christy, and Sherlock Homes traits.

SAGITTARIUS  (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

The new moon on January 1st starts this year off with a number of major changes that could make you more money, contacts and create some pretty savvy insights. Finding out what secrets to keep and what needs to be shared is key. You have a talent for knowing what people want and you will use it this year. In January you may not be quite sure of what you want or what you want to create. Do whatever has to be done career-wise based upon your emotional base of harmony. For February you do have a tendency to over do it, so get enough rest because some temporary stress matters can interfere with your plans. People may be sensitive and minor things may set them off, yet there will be no problem with your social life this month.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS:  The next time you are at the airport, people see you  waiting for your flight while reading National Geographic with a large zippered bag at their feet ready to take off into the great unknown.

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