Advice from Weiss

@2013 By Weiss Kelly, PMAFA

ARIES 3/21-4/20 I trust you followed through on those pending projects of late June, if not, then complete at least ONE by the 21st. Get out your planner and make those appointments (12th-30th), but anticipate some delays, cancelations or revisions. August’s scenario has a more enjoyable and creative social setting. Combining business with pleasure pays off. . Expect to be more involved with the community events by the 23rd.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS: Aries are the “RIGHT NOW” personality; that person who grabs that aisle seat first on the plane or dashes in front of you in the buffet line. You know who you are skipping all the mayhem to jump to the top.

TAURUS 4/20-5/20 June’s disappointments will make you focus and create other opportunities this month. The pace of the world’s events, goes backwards (1st-21st). Your people skills will bring success, It is all about who you know, who you don’t know, and who you should know. Good fortune awaits you in August (and I’m not talking about those fortune cookies) due to the effort you put forth last month. Unexpected developments occur by the 6th, bringing new ideas, plus new clients entering your life.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS: This Taurus earth sign is into tangibles, like millionaires, estates, a second home in Maui and, yes, a wardrobe of designer clothes. Their favorite color is green like money.

GEMINI (5/21-6/20) It is possible to write up a contact or reach an decision by midmonth. Just make sure you have all the details in writing before you move forward. Be prepared to do some compromising. You excel with words and marketing, which is your forte (1st-12th), and these months have you moving quickly from your past ways of doing things. It is the dynamics of your professional contacts in August that keeps you on the go and requires you to keep updated and informed with the latest developments. Be prepared to do some traveling (it could be fun).

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS: Place a Gemini in the front seat of Lamborghini and let them drive around the neighborhoods. Or, rent a stretch limo and take them to lunch. That makes them happy. They are into cars and flash.

CANCER 6/21-7/22 Get ready to write a new chapter in that professional or business book this year. July begins a very lucky 12-month-cycle (there’s no such thing: luck is opportunities) and if you don’t recognize them you’ll miss them. Keep alert (15th) when they’ll make themselves known, then respond. Any direct or indirect professions/businesses relating to women, homes, family, foods, décor, etc. will be expanding rapidly. August is a “Me, Myself and I” month and happenings bring a positive re-enforcement of your own personal goals, until the 29th.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS: Cancers are savers. They never have garage sales and you will never find them in a pawn shop. They collect shoeboxes. That is where they “fit” their money. They often feed their piggy bank twice a day and write “I bite” on it to keep others away.

LEO 7/23-8/22 Combining business with the local events and promotions is July’s focus, although somewhat unpredictable. Some of your affiliations and plans apt to be altered the first half of the month, so you’d better check them out. Your most productive period starts around the 23rd, whereas August is your month of more creatively artsy activities. You are more motivated in making things happen. Special formal events and unique celebrations require you to look your best (image is everything at this time). Expect much attention coming your way (the full moon on the 21st). Be sure to keep in touch with those event planners… they are the key to new networking introductions. Better take advantage before the month edges forward toward your work zone by the 26th. SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS; That Leo gent wearing the Armani tux, and that Leo gal in the Valentino formal, (red of course) both are true to their sign. They buy Signature, whether they can afford it or not.

VIRGO 8/23-9/22 Your finances and earnings may have been tight, but this month things seem much easier. Those involved with any health-related businesses, services or products are about to see a marked improvement and demand in those industries. Keep an open mind in any rumors that seen to be floating around since no clarity will be reached until next month. Confidentiality is necessary in August, when some work-related developments are being considered, but not quite ready to take place until the 24th. You can accomplish more by your own methods.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS: Virgos are workers and perfectionists who are coordinated (put together) and efficient. No mix and match outfits for them. That one carrying a weekly planner book (neatly scheduled up until February 2014) is a Virgo. They wrap their Christmas gifts in July. No body does it better, so don’t even try.

LIBRA 9/23-10/22 You won’t go anywhere in July if you keep standing in the same place. Any agreements or pending matters that have not worked out by the 8th or so, then let them go. It is best not sign any $$ contracts until later in the month. (after the 22nd). Any real estate offers require a counter offer. Take time to celebrate the fourth of July with family and friends because August finds you busier and more in demand, with a series of brainstorming meetings, and planning for the upcoming Fall season. Those last few years of restrictions and challenges will pay off now.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS: Need a negotiator or a business partner? Look no further because these are the pretty and popular Libras who have more invitations to every local happening. Their career is attending social events. Why? Because they mind their manners and that’s the person you see at every social function, charity ball, in town including political events. Check out the photos in this magazine because they are everywhere.

SCORPIO 10/23-11/22 Say goodbye to any past methods or ways of doing marketing or outdated values because July finds you at a career crossroad. Cut out what needs to be cut out and finish what needs to be finished since it make take a bit of self convincing and time ( the end of July). You’re a fixed sign so it hard to make changes. Any confrontations occurring (1st-21st) should be avoided, so be as nice as possible and keep an eye on the stock market. Early August is ideal for sorting out your priorities. In a few more weeks and you will be back in your element and taking control. Arrange those meetings ( 21st) or make some contacts for future reference. August finds you “finding” out what really works for you and what did not.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS: Do not ask Scorpios because they will not tell you anything about themselves since they are so private. They excel in stocks and other people’s investments. This is the person who slithers into the room and makes eye contact immediately. The sexy model on the cover of Vogue, Elle, or this magazine is, of course, is a Scorpio. They also have a mind like a bank vault.

SAGITTARIUS 11/23-12/21 Last month’s emphasis on the dynamics of your business relationships continues to play an influential role in July. The next five months brings major changes in your job, or perhaps, a consideration for a move? No need to react prematurely. Ease up on advertising your talents until the last week of July and then August allows you to formulate your goals for the coming weeks and then act on them at the New Moon on the 6th. Circle the 28th as eventful.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS: Where to find a Sagittarius? At the airport checking in that huge golf bag (autographed by Arnold Palmer), several tennis rackets and a duffle bag of dumbbells (10 pounders each) because strength and notoriety mean everything. Both sexes are into travel and sports, naturally.

CAPRICORN 12/22-1/19 Your work routine and duties will be demanding the first week so expect to put in some extra hours. Do not neglect the family get together on July 4th. You will have to consent to the request of others this month including business associations now. August has you alternating your social life with your business life because you know the right people in the community and have established a solid reputation. Expect some recognition for that and more emphasis is placed on small businesses month.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS: The average Capricorn is conservative and into time management and quality. Check their wrists and you’ll spot no Mickey Mouse watch for them. It is diamond Rolex, at least, yet would you believe they save coupons and split lunches? You’d better be nice to them because someday they will either be your boss or buy you out.

AQUARIUS 1/20-2/18 This month is surprisingly productive, in spite of some retro planets and out of control world affairs. Use mid-month July to improve your products or services. Do some research on what the coming trends in businesses are for the fall season. Your social connections can be more important than the want ads or job searches this month. August is all about THEM. You’ll need others this month like interacting with local associations, charitable functions and any work-related events will be crucial. Dress up and show up.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS: An Aquarian is their own person doing their own thing their own way. They are the zany designers, the tech gurus, the humanitarian organizing charity events. Check out the gal who arrives at the meeting carrying a Fuchsia Ostrich leather laptop cover or the guy wearing a collectible Jerry Garcia necktie. It’s got to be an Aquarian. Like Sinatra, they do it their way.

PISCES 2/19-3/20 Your professional work family is where the changes are taking place this month. You should be more verbal and out there, so you can see where some needed improvements should be made. The pace of work may slow down a bit, by the third week. July is best for fact-gathering and research. Want some escape time? Circle the 23rd In August you can take your time and let others take the lead. Your intuitive sense can open doors of new opportunities by mid-month. Be prepared to work under some demanding conditions or having to make some compromises. It is all necessary and it’s all good.

SUN SIGN SIGHTINGS: Oh, there she is, prancing around in those pyramid-high platform shoes, with red painted soles. Or, there he is wearing the latest black and white winged-tip spectator shoes. Both are into feet and painted toenails. It symbolizes how much they love to have fun with others.