Our stylish bibliophile Samantha Subar shares the latest and most glamorous fall tomes to grace your coffee table, bookshelf and stylish sensibility.


By Diana Oswald. Foreword by Oscar de la Renta

Glamour celebrates coming of age with the debutante ball. Young ladies donning high fashion y gowns coupled with satin gloves and styled hairdos take their bow across the world. Gaze over pages of signature looks, extravagant coming-out events, and custom-made ensembles worn by some of the most fashionable celebutantes. $55. At Rizzoliusa.com.

Something White

The Wedding Dress
By Oleg Cassini
The most important dress in a woman’s lifetime has experienced modifications to meet the desires of women everywhere. This book showcases the wedding dress, going back to its sophisticated roots and up to its modern splendor showing some of the finest weddings in the world. $60. At Rizzoliusa.com.


Diana Vreeland Memos, edited by her grandson, Alexander Vreeland

View 90% never-before-published memos that, accompanied by the ephemera, photography provide a completely fascinating portrait of this complex, and amazingly fearless, creative woman and fashion icon. $55. At. Rizzoliusa.com

POST-WAR DIOR Dior Glamour

By Mark Shaw

Feast your eyes on gorgeous images of vintage Dior couture shot by legendary photographer Mark Shaw. The book features post-war glamour and Parisian chic fashions taken from 1952 to 1962. $115. At Rizzoliusa.com


The Diary of a Nose: A Year in the Life of a Parfumeur
By Jean-Claude Ellena

Welcome to the world of perfume where chemistry and artistry combine to shape the parfumeur profession. Creator of some of the world’s best-selling fragrances, Jean-Claude Ellena, takes you into the mind of a parfumeur where scents tell a story and perfumes evoke experiences. $24.95. At Rizzoliusa.com


C.Z. Guest: American Style Icon
By Susanna Salk

Gaze over the goldmine of extraordinary images celebrating the elegance and flair of style icon and socialite C.Z. Guest. The book includes photographs from her family life on her Long Island Estate, her days as a young bride, her gardens, and her life in the limelight. $75 At Rizzoliusa.com.


Paris Haute Couture
By Anne Zazzo and Oliver Sillard

Journey through the fashion capital of the world in this comprehensive history of Paris style spanning all aspects from clothing and accessories to perfume. This chronological study catalogues the history of designers and their creations as well as the role of haute couture in Parisian culture. $75. At Rizzoliusa.com


Power and Style: A World History of Politics and Dress By Dominique Gaulme and Francois Gaulme

Throughout history, menswear has been used to exemplify power. From early monarchies to the first known civilizations, clothing has served as both a protective covering and a symbol of expression. Here in this volume the traditions and hierarchal positions communicated through dress are explained. $75. At Rizzoliusa.com


Jazz Age Fashion: Dressed to Kill
By Virginia Bates and Daisy Bates

Immerse yourself in the glamorous1920’s fashions we’d all kill to don. This features chapters on cocktail wear, evening jackets, and sequined dresses just to name a few of your favorite Jazz Age attire, emphasizing the intricate craftsmanship and arrangement of each piece. $50. At Rizzoliusa.com.


Roger Vivier
By Virginie Mouzat and Colombre Pringle

The legendary shoe and accessories designs of Roger Vivier are commemorated in this tome which captures his Parisian style and craftsmanship. Viver’s sixty-year career is documented through photographs of his sketches and chic designs that have elevated the stiletto to new heights. $75. At Rizzoliusa.com.


Stephen Sills: Decoration
By Stephen Sills and photographed by Francois Halard

Interior decorator Stephen Sills is turning heads with his classical, yet modern style that illuminates even the most lackluster spaces. This volume offers you the chance to see dozens of homes filled with Sills’ awe-inspiring designs. With Manhattan penthouses and Aspen retreats, there’s something to inspire everyone. $65. At Rizzoliusa.com.


Picture Perfect Parties: Annette Joseph’s Stylish Solutions for Entertaining
By Annette Joseph

Today Show entertaining expert, Annette Joseph shows us how to make it simple and gorgeous with her brilliant book of tips and tricks for a year’s worth of events. From Easter brunch to the Super Bowl, Joseph makes at-home entertaining a breeze with this informative and entertaining read. $39.95 At Rizzoliusa.com.


How to Read Fashion: A Crash Course in Styles, Designers, and Couture
By Fiona Ffoulkes

Evolve your fashion familiarity with this essential guide to understanding style. Here you will find written and photographed content covering a range of subjects including fashion history, jewelry, accessories, and even hairstyling. Build your fashion repertoire and learn the basics from the origins of the little black dress to the meaning behind the 2:55 Chanel bag. $17.95 At Rizzoliusa.com.


Valentino Master of Couture: A Private View
By Valentino, Alastair O’Niell and Patrick Kinmonth

Welcome to the wonderful world of chic Valentino. This fashion wonderland of a novel illustrates the legendary Valentino and his glamorous lifestyle as well as his legendary dressmaking techniques and atelier. With exclusive photos of Valentino’s 130-dress exhibition and his inner circle of friends (including Jackie Onassis), this book is sure to satisfy your fashion sweet tooth. $35 At Rizzoliusa.com.


Jean Patou: A Fashionable Life
By Emmanuelle Polle and photographed by Francis Hammond

During the 1920s and 1930s, the French
couturier Jean Patou was Chanel’s main rival and seen in this book is his life and career during the apex of 20th-century glamour, drawn from previously unpublished family archives. It is an essential reference for anyone interested in the history of
fashion and of the greatest early years of modern Parisian style. $95. By Flammarion. At Rizzoliusa.com


Mario Buatta: Fifty Years of American Interior Decoration By Mario Buatta and Emily Evans Eerdmans

Barbara Walters, Mariah Carey, and Henry Ford II are just a few of the clients who turned to Mario Buatta has dazzled with his elegant American décor. He is a breath of fresh air to traditional country style as you will see in his beautifully illustrated volume filled with unpublished photos from his archive $75 At Rizzoliusa.com.