An Inside Look At Colin Cowie’s Event-ful Career

By Molly Bayme
Photography courtesy of Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie, renowned and revered for his event planning business, realized he was fated to be an event planner in the midst of doing something else that was would steer his path to his event-ual success. He began in the catering field and created his own catering company, and after a swift 18 months of it, Cowie was asked to be a food consultant for Hugh Hefner’s wedding. At the time, Cowie’s eminent taste in décor took the spotlight. Not only did he triumph at the Hefner wedding, but he also helped planned a portion of the million dollar-plus event. We get up close and personal with him to look at his world from a fly-on-the-champagne-glass perspective.

Cowie’s career path shifted away from catering and toward the event planning. Over the past 20 years, Cowie has greatly prospered as an event producer to the stars. He coyly asserts that he runs a civil business in which he and his coworkers come from the “University of Whatever-It-Takes”. And, he inspires loyalty having worked with the same devoted team for the past twenty years of his career, which speaks volumes about the fidelity that exists within the cutthroat world of party planning at a high level. Cowie and his employees create up to five extravagant weddings per year for various A-list celebrities, in addition to other undertakings, in destinations such as Casablanca, Madrid, New York, Miami, Bahamas, and even, Abu Dhabi.

As one of the most famous almost-household-name event dynamos on the planet, Cowie’s goal in business is simple. He says, “I strive to guide others in their quest to live fabulous lives, and of course, in throwing the perfect shindig.”  He likes to steer away from the traditional party and embraces unorthodox ideas for events. In fact, when it comes to weddings, Cowie states “I urge brides to think of their wedding as a blank slate where there are no rules, but maintains one good guideline,” he tells us. “As long as you are not offending someone, then go ahead and embrace your idea. It is far more interesting to think out of the box and come up with new and innovative ways to borrow traditions from the past, while embracing ideas from today.”

With all of his successes Cowie has a plethora of advice for those planning to throw an unforgettable event in the near future. Muse no more.

  1. When hosting a party, follow suit with the time on the event invitation.
  2. Be as punctual as possible, so guests aren’t forced to linger.
  3. Keep cocktails to 45 minutes.
  4. Try to serve the meal in an hour and a half so that the fun part, dancing, lasts much longer. This way both the hosts and the guests can get a little more enjoyment out of the party, pleasing everyone.

Not only is Cowie interested in satisfying his clients, but he also is apprehensive about being environmentally aware in this business. He confides, “Wedding trends change from year to year; however, I want the “eco-chic” trend to stay for the long run. The wedding industry can be wasteful.” Yet, if we continue to follow the “eco- chic” trend, just as Cowie does, the wedding industry will only grow to be even more efficient, shedding an even more positive light on the event planning industry.

Need event ideas? Something will surely strike your fancy in his books or his website, which have weddings galore, potential event ideas “faceted with opulent resort openings, intimate Grammy night soirees, and even a Super Bowl Party to boot, only scratching the surface of his bottomless trove of event-planning knowledge. Cowie’s event planning business is thriving and only continues to blossom, bringing a whole new level to the event planning work field. So go ahead, let Colin Cowie inspire you.