Greg Reese knows how to throw a party. A gala. A wedding. And just about any other type of five-star celebration you can imagine. Join professional event attendee Lance Avery Morgan as he learns more about the inside tricks of the trade for producing one-of-a-kind memories

As a young boy growing up in Monterrey, Mexico, Greg Reese, founder of Events by Reese Group Design Production Company, curiously observed his mother creating exquisite floral arrangements from their family owned flower shop. “I can still remember my first experience with the smell of fresh cut flowers,” Greg Reese shares. “I was fascinated by all their vibrant colors and natural textures.” So, what started as a hobby, helping family and friends plan parties and events almost 30 years ago, has become Reese’s passion and career.

From the moment he first meets with a new client, he pays close attention to their vision. “I ask them to please describe their ideal wedding in three words and I carefully listen, absorbing the nuance of their reply as well as their unique personalities and lifestyle,” he says. “In fact, I make it a point to actively listen to their individual ideas, goals and desires.” He feels it’s the most important day of their life and it’s one he takes very seriously. He goes on to say, “They need that reassurance and confidence in me, to handle the complexities and ability to orchestrate with a stress-free environment and most enjoyable and unforgettable event. Most of all I really connect with them.”

Just how successful are his connecting skills? “I was contacted by a young bride from a wealthy family who was raised on a South Texas ranch,” Reese muses. “She loved horses and as a young girl dreamed one day of getting married in a stable. I was beyond excited since this was my first opportunity to work with a client in excess of a six-figure budget – my first platinum wedding. So, we transformed the newly opened Pearl Stables, and fulfilled her fairytale wedding for her and 350 of her guests.” That was a big turning point and the inspiration to launch his new reality TV show, Unforgettable Wedding Stories with Greg Reese, in San Antonio and South Texas.

Details of an event, Reese says, are like the icing on a cake. “Lighting determines how you and your guests view the room and provides the overall tone and mood setting of what’s to come… enhancing and transforming the ambiance, décor, floral centerpieces, and table linens.” Reese also feels a successful gathering is as strong as its design team, and it takes a village to raise the event. “You have to have the support and resources of dedicated professionals who share the same goals, desires and passion when designing, planning and coordinating a seamless event,” he avers. “That’s why we are a family business: my wife Lily handles our floral department and my son Ryan handles our lighting, production and rentals department. In addition, we have a staff of 20 seasoned professionals, along with our resources and network of over 200 preferred professionals we engage to help our clients implement and execute their most important events.”

The satisfaction of an event well produced is the most rewarding part of it all for Greg Reese. “There is nothing like a sense of accomplishment of a job well done,” he is quick to admit. “I love making clients’ dreams come true and there is no greater feeling than watching my bridal client’s anticipation and excitement upon seeing her room decorated for the first time. Her facial expression… the joy, thrill and adulation, make it all worthwhile.”