Happy travels can be happier, whether dashing off to a honeymoon, or a family vacation abroad, with the right, healthly tips. Here are Austin acupuncturist Andra Millian’s top five must-dos (and a few don’ts) for healthy and happy landings on your next sojourn.


Yes, we’re all soaking up azure seas, fragrant waterfalls and floating in infinite infinity pools however, Yet, the water I am referring to goes into your body, not around it. Low humidity on airplanes can cause dehydration: when your body doesn’t carry enough water to function properly. Symptoms can include feeling sluggish, constipation, sleepiness or sleeplessness, dry skin, leg cramps and colossal hangovers. No fun.  At 48 hours preflight make sure to drink 16 oz. of pure, filtered water at least 8 times a day.  Vitamin water is a great way to replenish electrolytes missing from your cells. In flight carry some packets of multi flavored EmergenC to flavor your in-flight H2O (available at grocery stores and pharmacies). They’re so easy to pack in a carry-on and will not get confiscated by security like liquids. While flying, avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea and sodas, as well as alcohol. All are very drying, so why let dehydration cramp your summer style when it’s so easy to avoid it?


Before you hit the hammock at your favorite summer get away, especially if you are jumping time zones to get there, invest in a black-out eye mask. Some airlines still offer them. Take advantage of any ‘lights out’ time on board to turn off your movie or computer and actually catch some sleep to start adjusting to your new time zone. Here’s a trick:  be sure to cover not only your eyes but also your ‘third eye’ located about half an inch above the bridge of your nose. Your pineal gland is located behind that area and is a very important gland produces melatonin which sets the body clocks circadian rhythms and helps you adjust to your new time zone. When you arrive at your destination, immediately set your watch to your arrival time zone.  Stay up as long as you can, with no naps until the sun sets.

Get a good night’s sleep with the help of some of my favorite herbal remedies and wake rested and ready for fun. Some of my favorite Chinese Herbal remedies are – Health Concerns’ Schizandria Dreams and Evergreen Herbs’ Schizandria ZZZ will give you a drug-free snooze. You may also ask your favorite health care provider if an additional Melatonin supplement is a good fit for you.


Swollen ankles and long flights are not natural pals. To avoid this all too familiar and potentially hazardous discomfort, make sure you get up often during even a short flight and walk the isles. Invest in a pair of flight compression socks. if you happen to be in France for your holiday you can drop into any local pharmacy and get fitted for a custom pair. They are an inexpensive and such a worthwhile souvenir – and they even have color choices. Or. bring your favorite comfy slippers on board (some airlines still provide them) and wear them while flying, and again, drink loads of fresh water. Your feet will love you for it.


pack a few healthy snacks in case you get laid over or delayed. Bring a few of your favorite protein bars or try some Metagenics Ultra Meal bars. These are a complete meal in a low calorie bar and are real life-savers on busy travel days. Keep your even healthier by taking a daily full spectrum probiotic. One that doesn’t need refrigeration is best like Florastor by Biocodex. Unlike most pro biotics, it will live through any antibiotic that you may have the misfortune of having to take while traveling.


Lastly, boost your immune system’s natural “windscreen.“ As we know, airplanes are hotbeds of air-bourne microbes. Immune boosters like vitamin C and Zinc have been shown to help the immune system fight colds, flus and other air-borne illnesses. I love the very common Chinese herbal formula, Jade Windscreen Decoction, and my favorite is called Astra C is by Health Concerns and is a combination of Vitamin C, Zinc and Jade Windscreen Decoction. I take it 48-hours before my flight, in flight and for two days post- flight. You might also consider taking along an inexpensive air filtering facemask to wear in-flight, especially if you are traveling to a country with heavy air pollution. No matter where your travels take you, Bon Voyage and keep your health at its best.