Our girl-on-the-go style maven Elizabeth Wilhite shares her insight on interesting people in Houston this month.


Donae Cangelosi Chramosta talks soul searching and accessorizing. This luxe business goes gives pre-owned Chanel, Hermès and Louis Vuitton a new look on life…

1. What are your tips to update metallics for summer?

I’m so inspired by the 1970’s nightlife style icons of Studio 54. The gold lamé Halston pantsuits seen on party goers sharing a banquette with Bianca Jagger, Diane von Furstenberg, Cher and Liza Minnelli. We can channel that vibe with an accessory in the form of a handbag, jewelry, and shoes in any of the metallic, gold or silver tones.

2. What do you look for in a “signature” accessory?
I look for a pop of color or shine – pink, green, orange, gold, or silver For day, I think, does it fit on my shoulder, can I wear it as a messenger, will my iPad fit in it? For night, is the scale small enough for a floating summer caftan but big enough for my iPhone.

3. What’s your life mantra?
I love fashion and travel yet I realize life is enriched when shared with those you love and those who are less fortunate. Audrey Hepburn is definitely my favorite style icons and as much as I applaud and appreciate her style and talent I’m the most impressed with her tireless giving to the children of the world.

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Lady Of The Manor

Need a fresh feel in your home this summer? Beth Hayes-Delozier has you covered with the newest online design shop.

1. What’s a quick-fix to freshen up a room?

Investing in new throw pillows and blankets will completely transform any room. For warmer months I like to use bright whites, metallic linens and Mongolian wool. Friends will think you redecorated your whole house.

2. What’s your favorite tabletop accessory in your home?

Succulents. I could write a sonnet about how much I love succulents in pretty little gold dipped planters. They are low maintenance, live far longer than fresh cut flowers, and bring a bright green breath of fresh air into every room in your home.

3. How do you see the future of decorating in the online shopping era?

I think it would be amazing would it be to go online, answer a few questions, and instantly have a custom design for any room in your home that can be purchased as a package deal, and delivered to your doorstep.

4. What’s the must-have time for summer?

Everyone is going gaga over our giant inflatable flamingo.

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