We all know her. When she walks into a room, for one inexplicable reason or another, her energy is magnetic and her authenticity is mesmerizing. Her presence suggests a certain mystery…an aura that whispers, something [wonderful] this way comes.

What we’re all really wondering is if there is something she ever can’t do, because she seems to manage switching from high-powered career executive to high-powered household manager (and anything in between) with effortless ease. She’s savvy and she’s stylish, and a serious success…she’s what we call a Style Setter.

When it comes to the elements of style, there is no doubt that Texan women are tastemakers. Often confident in their convictions and curated in their aesthetics throughout every aspect of their lives, the bold women in the business world who blaze a trail daily in their fields of expertise keep the industry engines a-hummin’ in this state, and we think it’s about time to start sharing their stories.

From architecture and design to fashion and marketing, nonprofit and fine art to real estate and travel; public relations and events, and so much more…join us in celebrating women across the state who are leaders among their peers, and whose work has already created a legacy in their respected fields. We are profiling them in an original up-close-and-personal series in a new, special online only feature presented by The Society Diaries digital department.

This feature would not have been possible without the tireless work of our team. My sincerest thanks to graphic designer, John Vigil, who brought this vision to life, and to our fearless Editor-In-Chief Lance Avery Morgan who has supported and mentored me for the past seven years. Welcome to The Style Setters…

Eleanora Morrison
Digital Director