The Power of Love

Austin holographic repatterning expert Mary Schneider loves the springtime. Here she weighs in on keeping resolutions as the New Year kicks into full swing into warmer weather. And, how love is so vital for all of us.

Hopefully, this New Year finds you very happy, hopeful and well on your way to getting rid of anything stopping you from realizing the benefits of your 2013 resolutions. If you are, congratulations. If your resolutions have already gone awry, maybe this will come in handy.

What is it that really keeps people from realizing the benefits of their resolutions? Is it lack of commitment? The demands of everyday life creeping in after the holidays? Laziness? Many people attribute their lack of resolve to one or more of these issues. My guess is that it isn’t any of these things. In order to create what we want in life, we have to resonate with it. Resonating simply means the synched frequency you have with the world around you. What we resonate with literally creates our reality – for better or worse. If we don’t resonate with exercise, it will take a tremendous amount of willpower and energy to launch a plan into action and really get results. Wouldn’t it be much better if we were able to achieve our goals easily and effortlessly? Most people think that if only they could change their circumstances – have more money, a better job, a loving partner, etc. – they would be happy and able to reach their goals. However, this isn’t often the case.

We can look at this from another angle, too. We are told to think positively and recite one affirmation after another in order to create all the good things in life – health, wealth, abundance, love, relationships, etc. But if you don’t resonate with your affirmations, it only works until the proverbial cow comes home and you’ll never notice any real change. However, if you resonate and believe sub-consciously with the affirmation you’re reciting, you will have a much better chance of seeing results. Both positive and negative, thoughts become actions.

Many of the resolutions people engage in during the holiday season have to do with goals that pertain to bettering themselves. Generally, most of us don’t have a problem taking care of everyone around us; as a result, our own needs go to the bottom of the “To Do” list. As soon as the holiday season recedes into memory, our mission to take care of ourselves is lost in the demands of everyday life.

What is it that generally makes one individual take care of another? Love and sometimes co-dependence. Co-dependent people think that everyone’s problems are their problems which is predominantly a boundary issue. These people have a difficult time saying no because they think that they will be unloved by people they care about. If they do say no, then they obsess about the reason why they should have said yes. This obsessing is so painful that they vow to never say no again.

So why do people have such a hard time with the thought of losing love to the point that they cannot take the time to exercise, eat the right food or get a massage once in awhile? There is a very profound but simple reason: they don’t love themselves. If they would take a moment to compare what they do for others, it becomes very apparent that they don’t value themselves as highly as they should. So, work on creating more self-value.

Why is it that people don’t love themselves? One reason is that they don’t resonate with loving themselves. I can safely say that at least half of my patients resonate with the statement, “I am unlovable.” Since this belief is subconscious, these same people will look me in the eye and tell me that they don’t believe it and that they do love themselves. On a day-to-day basis, their behavior and their actions aren’t aligned with this way of thinking. I had a spiritual teacher tell me once, “Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.” It works.

People may feel unlovable for a lot of reasons. If a father is never around, children wrongly decide that it’s because they just aren’t lovable enough. Though most will say that this wasn’t a problem for them, when you look deeper, it is profoundly problematic, mainly because we get our value from relationships with our fathers. Then, these people resonate with being unlovable and it’s sub-conscious.

The best way to take care of your mind, body and soul is to discover what makes you truly love yourself. Explore yourself. This may require a commitment to make an appointment with a therapist or practitioner who can help delve into subconscious beliefs and negative thought patterns resonating in their body-mind systems.

What I know for sure is that awareness is indeed curative. Once negative thought patterns are unearthed and out of resonance, people begin to see where they “show up” in their own lives. They can then make a choice to react to old outworn beliefs or choose a different path. Where there’s choice, there’s empowerment, and that’s the reason for making a resolution in the first place. The New Year is still in it formative stages, so make it your best one yet.

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