Luisa Bravo and Jose Sierra Marry in Mexico

By Jonathan Spindel
Photography by Arturo González

Luisa Bravo, the daughter of Luisa Pulido and Eduardo Bravo, and Jose Sierra, son of Paloma Candia and Alberto Sierra, were recently joined in marriage in Santa María Tonatzintla, in Cholula, Puebla. Inspired by their shared passion for design and decoration, the couple selected a rustic, indigenous baroque church for their ceremony. The church’s rare, beautiful architecture set the stunning stage for the couple’s special moment with their families.


The couple first met during high school, but went their separate ways – Luisa studied interior design at University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, and Jose studied film at Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya in Spain – but they found each other again and rekindled their relationship. Jose captivated Luisa with his sense of humor, and there has never been a dull moment, always making her laugh. Bonding over a love of movies, music, and travel, they often explore small towns near Mexico City, where they enjoy visiting bazaars of local jewelry, furniture and accessories.

For the ceremony, adorned in a vintage, verdant theme in white and green, the church was an artistic masterpiece. Blooming with flowers designed by Paola Jimenez of Banevents, the blossoms were pristine white, accompanied by bursts of lively green plants.

Eschewing the traditional wedding dress style, Luisa wore a striking design by Needle and Thread from the BHLDN boutique. The colors suited the theme perfectly, as well as the bride’s personality and style. The bride’s cousins Anabel and Leire Reinking served as bridesmaids, and many younger members of the family participated as well, from presenting the bouquet, to bearing the wedding rings, and reading passages during the ceremony. The ceremony also featured a children’s choir who sang in the indigenous Nahuatl language as the bride walked down the aisle.


In a whimsical turn, the bride and groom surprised their families with traditional Mexican masks of animals crafted by a local Mexican artisan, and made everyone wear the masks for a family picture. “Nobody expected something like that, and the results were amazing pictures! It made us all laugh,” Luisa recalls. Of all the special moments, the bride remembers sharing a dance to The Beach Boys’ God Only Knows with her father, Eduardo Bravo. And of course, the bouquet, which landed in the hands of one of Luisa’s close cousins.

Keeping with the theme of vintage discoveries, the reception took place on the grounds of Fabrica La Carolina, a historical area and unique architectural space. The bride and groom first took their civil vows in the colonial house, a beautiful vintage building. Afterward, guests enjoyed cocktails in the expansive outdoor esplanade, then moved into the interior of the former factory, which was transformed into an opulent banquet hall. After a seated dinner of Mexican high cuisine, guests moved to the dance floor where they danced late into the night to the tunes of DJ Boda. The dance floor was always full, and guests enjoyed sweet treats and posed for the photo booth, which captured the party’s joyous energy for future memories.


After the wedding the couple retreated to Chiapas, Mexico for their honeymoon, where they discovered unbelievably scenic landscapes, beautiful traditional towns, and authentic artisanal crafts. With so much to learn and discover, they began their married life enjoying the passions that brought them together.

They now reside in Mexico City, where Luisa works in the field of interior design, and Jose works as a film director. Keeping with their passion for getting to know Mexico, they soon plan to embark on vacation in Oaxaca, Mexico, and doubtless many more adventures in their future together.