Leave it to our pooch expert Suzanne Negley to circumnavigate Texas and find the most interesting pets and their owners to share how their pets enjoy creature comforts

Lizzie Phillips & Gillie, Austin

What does Gillie high-five for?


Favorite Texas past-time together? 

Playing and swimming at Redbud Park. She has a few boyfriends we visit en route. And dance parties in the kitchen!


Elizabeth Lyons & Mayor Gizmo, San Antonio


Who was Giz in another life?

He is a Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu mix, so I imagine him being either a Tibetan monk or a Chinese Emperor.


Gizmodo, Wimbo, Gimbo, Mayer, Inspector, Sherriff, or Young Man…depending on his mood.



Emily Martin & Bexar, Gogo, San Antonio

Emily Martin

How would you describe their style? 

Understated perfection.


They would be shocked to learn they aren’t very large retrievers who protect the world from birds and dolphins