The Artist’s Way

Ruiz-Healy Gallery Celebrates Life of Artist Chuck Ramirez

By Ellie Leeper
Photography By Greg Harrison, Chuck Ramirez

The life of highly acclaimed artist Chuck Ramirez was celebrated in San Antonio with “Minimally Baroque,” an exhibition of some of his finest photographic works. Displayed first at the Blue Star Arts Complex and then at the Ruiz-Healy Gallery, Ramirez’s dynamic works were curated by Latin American art specialist Victor Zamudio-Taylor.

Zamudio-Taylor began working with Ramirez in 1997. Patricia Ruiz-Healy explained, “For many years, Victor has recognized how Ramirez explored the various aspects of cultural identity, mortality and consumerism through his photography. Ramirez’s work was, in many ways, a social commentary on the way our culture has been consumed by consumerism itself, while also providing enlightenment about the fragility of life,” states Ruiz-Healy. The wildly popular work ranged from the contents of trash bags to purses and beyond so that Ramirez could fully illustrate his voyeuristic point of view of his subjects.

An exclusive event was held at the Ruiz-Healy gallery to celebrate the opening of the exhibition—among Ruiz-Healy guests was Chuck Ramirez’s family and supporters of his unique artistic legacy.


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