Superhero Birthday: How To

By: Lara Shriftman Author of Party Confidential,,,

You’ll be a superhero to your kids when you create this birthday party, perfect for both boys and girls. This theme was inspired by Shriftman’s son, who came up with his own secret identity: Dippydo. He even made his own costume. Here are a few tips for planning your own-out-of-this-world Superhero party that is sure to dazzle both parents and kids alike.


  • If your kid has a favorite superhero, have the color scheme and decorations focus on that character. A Batman party (with black and yellow colors), Spiderman party (with red and blue colors), Superman (with red, blue and yellow), etc.
  • Superhero balloons. You can order all kinds of superhero, Mylar balloons online ranging from Spiderman and Superman to Megamind and Toy Story. You can take the balloons to most supermarkets and have them blown up with helium right before your party.
  • For my son’s third birthday party, Balloon Celebrations ( made an amazing, giant number 3 with red, yellow and blue balloons that I placed in front of my house to welcome guests.
  • Cut out comic book pages, print images from the Internet and hang Superhero posters.
  • Order superhero-themed paper plates and napkins (and anything else they make) online to complement the theme.
  • Use action figures and superhero toys you already own as centerpiece components for your tables.
  • Order a life-size stand up cardboard cutout of the superhero of choice, or make one if you are extra crafty – and then have your photographer take pictures of the kids posing with their hero.
  • Make each table a different superhero theme.

CHIC TIP– Superhero wrapping paper is a fun and simple way to cover your tables!


Costumes build up excitement and are great for setting the mood during kid’s birthday parties. Make sure to have everyone, even the adults, dress up. Even my dog Lulu Flynn dressed up in a Batman costume.

CHIP TIP-Have extra capes or masks on hand for those who didn’t come dressed up. Have the staff and the adults dress as their favorite superhero.


Always offer healthy snacks.

  • Organic Mashups squeezable fruit from Revolution Foods ( They are 100% organic fruit puree pouches that are a simple, kid-safe way to serve something healthy without the prep or mess
  • Individual bags of Pop Chips ( are another all natural health snack favored among kids and adults alike! They come in a variety of flavors like barbeque, sour cream & onion, cheddar, sea salt & vinegar, salt & pepper, and parmesan garlic.
  • Order pizza and have them slice the pieces in thirds or in little squares ahead of time. If you have a large group, or you anticipate people coming later, have them deliver the pizzas in two shifts so there is always hot and fresh pizza for everyone! Serve the pizza on superhero plates.
  • Make superhero sandwiches or burgers. Use a specialty cookie cutter in the shape of a superhero emblem.  Some examples include a diamond, bat, lightning bolt, etc.  Use the cookie cutter to cut the sandwiches
  • Super Power Sticks.  Write a sign on a dish that says “For Super X-Ray Vision” and put inside sliced Carrots. For celery, write, “For Super Strength”, and so on.  Suddenly the veggies aren’t what they used to be.


  • Order a superhero birthday cake from your local grocery store or specialty bakery. Print out images of superheroes or search for superhero cakes online to use for inspiration. Bring the photos into the bakery so they know exactly what you are looking for!
  • If you want to keep it simple, you can always accessorize a basic cake with fun toppers or superhero candles.  Serve the special cake on superhero paper plates.
  • Order cupcakes in one or two solid colors from CRUMBS Bake Shop ( and top the cupcakes off with your own superhero toppers. There are all sorts of options and wrappers available online at party stores like Party City.
  • Create custom chocolate bar labels for a creative candy treat! You can order foil, wrapped chocolate bars from The Candy Wrapper Store (  Customize  the packaging with your own label printed from the computer.
  • “Kryptonite” Pop rocks candy.
  • Set up an interactive candy bar a la Dylan Lauren’s Candy Bar.  Have the kids fill up their own goodie bag to take home. You can purchase bags of treats from the grocery store or order in bulk online. Set up a table and fill a variety of dishes with sweets in various shapes and sizes.


  • A delicious drink option to serve at your party is Vita Coco coconut water ( thirst-quencher is both delicious and nutritious for the little ones and adults alike.
  • For my son’s party, we created personalized labels for water bottles and beverages. Design your own label on the computer. Just pick an image and print it out on regular paper, then replace the previous label with your customized one by carefully gluing it in to place. You can also print them on label paper so the backside is already sticky.


  • Hire a Superman to entertain the kids, or your child’s favorite superhero. This is a great way to get dad involved, too.

CHIC TIP-If you have to pay an entertainer on site, make sure to put aside money ahead of time in a labeled envelope. Assign someone to be responsible for paying so that you will not be interrupted during the party.

  • Have an adult dressed up as a superhero dash through the door and make a grand entrance.  Upon his arrival, he can help serve the kids and then sit down and eat with them.
  • Have superhero movies such as The Incredibles, Batman, or Spiderman play on a TV in the background.
  • Set up a superhero crafts table complete with a “Make Your Own Cape” station and a “Make Your Own Superhero Mask” station. I ordered capes from S&S Worldwide.  In addition, I purchased items Lakeshore Learning ( for kids to decorate their own superhero accessories! Some examples of fun craft supplies include stickers, foam animal stickers, and bright, colored paper.
  • I hired my super-talented, creative friend Jillian Yee-Pham from 2 Hearts B1Designs () to help out with the crafts station during the party.
  • Pick up some Superhero, temporary tattoos and assign someone to help the kids apply them.


  • Movie soundtracks such as Batman, Superman, The Incredibles, etc.

Gift Bags

Anything with superheroes.

  • Action figures
  • Comic Books
  • Stickers. Buy several packs and give each kid an individual sheet from the pack.

CHIC TIP-Take an inexpensive item (like a pair of themed socks), remove any tags and place the item in an individual, clear cellophane bag. Seal with a sticker or customized label.  This creation makes for a great, chic party favor!

Thank You Notes

  • Thank you notes are a must! When you are making your invitations, create your own stationary in the theme of the party to give your message a final, superhero punch!