Neiman Marcus San Antonio Hosts Jeweler Roberto Coin 

By Lance Avery Morgan

We caught up with Roberto Coin, who recently graced the Neiman Marcus San Antonio’s Precious Jewels Salon where his Texas fan base is legion and vast. The master jeweler’s dynamic personality is keenly aware of his own style and that of his clientele who inspire him daily. “You don’t go to school to learn creativity,” he confides. “It is God-given. I have a love for everything… a love for life, animals, and being curious about the fashion industry. Creativity takes a talent to see how the woman of the future can be graced (with my jewelry).”

He says that since all women are different, they indeed dress differently. “We have a huge variety of product for every woman.” In fact, they just can’t resist him. When asked about The Roberto Coin Woman, and correlatively, The Roberto Coin Woman in Texas, he muses, “You show me the lady, I’ll see her personality and I can know how to dress her – from clothes to jewelry, and beyond.” He feels that while all women are special, he is drawn to the Jackie-O types of style. “Style is not based on price, it is based on class.” He goes on to say, “When I make special pieces for my Texas clientele, for instance, one woman who has a ranch will differ in taste from another ranch owner. To me, it’s about the individual.”

Coin is truly an astute observer of people. He told me he started is career as a hotelier which means that his customer service is tantamount. In fact, in 1977 at the age of 33 Coin founded the company that would bear his name in Vicenza, the city of Gold. Initially, the company was intended for production on behalf of some of the most prestigious brands of international fine jewelry before the Roberto Coin brand was launched in 1996. His brand is available in 63 countries at over 1000 points of sale, and of course, at Neiman Marcus stores everywhere.