Hosting a holiday party this season? Not to boast, but we know how to host with the most. Want to make a big impression? Our master of merriment Jonathan Spindel shares his favorite and essential party pointers.

Details, Details

Whether you’re making your holiday party debut, or throwing your famed seasonal soirée, you must be sure to treat your guests to your best hospitality. Whether you’re entertaining dear friends, colleagues, or VIPs, the perfect host will impress, but not stress. Determine the details in advance, so you may be free to dazzle with your wit and gracious presence. If you pull it off just right, your parties shall become legends larger than life.

Think Big

There’s no limit to what you can achieve. Whether you’ve selected a special venue for your party, or you’re hosting in your own home, let your imagination be your guide. Then, work with professionals to pull off the extraordinary effects. Need a referral? Just look through the pages of the magazine you’re currently holding, and see the amazing feats by your favorite local decorators, floral designers, lighting specialists, and more.

Mix It Up

Hand-pick your favorite Sociables for your affair, and reach out to friends in plenty of social circles beyond them. The joy of a big bash comes from the mingling of exceptional personages from all walks of life. Once you receive your RSVPs, plan your table settings and course of events with an eye toward dynamic conversation, introducing new friends, and even a bit of good-natured battles of wit. If you mix up the right group of party guests, the cavorting and carousing will take care of itself, as you likely know.

2016novdec_host_novdec2016Hire A Hand (Or Two, Or Ten)

On the night of your party, you’ll have plenty of people to entertain. You don’t want to have your hands full, preparing canapes and mixing cocktails, do you? That’s why you should leave it to the pros. Hire a bartender or two, as well as a food service staff to keep everyone topped off, so you can be free to mingle about. And don’t forget rule #1 – Think Big – so go ahead and hire some performers for the evening’s entertainment. Like a chic Bossa Nova band. Their spectacular stagecraft will keep the energy flowing.

Gracious, Meet Grateful

It’s not a party until someone breaks something. Or spills red wine, or commits one of countless awkward faux pas. When something unfortunate occurs at a party, guests will often look toward the host’s reaction first. So, take it in stride. Calmly call for hired help to clean up that mess. That stain will come out of your sofa tomorrow. Make sure everyone is safe and secure, then let the party continue. Your positive energy will be the beacon that lets your guests keep enjoying themselves, too. Plus, as a cool host, you’ll likely be invited to all sorts of events as a kind thank you for your efforts.

Make A Lasting Impression

The most spectacular soirees are remembered fondly long after the event comes to an end. Help your guests remember you by sending them off with a parting gift. Perhaps a selection of fancy cookies or candies in the same theme or color  as your party, so your guests may recall sweet memories in the next few days. Or, you may opt to dash off a greeting card, expressing your gratitude for their attendance. You and your guests should share an appreciation for celebration – this ensures that your hospitality will be remembered, and encourages guests to look forward to your future invitations. Bon soiree mes amis!