Texas is shinier than ever days, thanks to jewelry design talents like Houstonian Katie Scott of KATIE Design, as our style seeker Elizabeth Wilhite discovered.

What inspired you to create your Spring 2015 line? 

The spring 2015 collections were inspired by my desire of simplistic edge and the elevation of spirit when ignited by genuine love. I created themes such as an eagle’s wing effortlessly raising you above circumstances and the thorn collection revealing the truth in that love and pain coexist.

Where will you go next with your collection?

I have my sights set on largely increasing a web-based clientele ( We are currently working on a website renovation that is more friendly, interactive and geared towards the on-line consumer.  We will also continue to nurture our relationship with Neiman Marcus and high-end boutiques around the United States.

What is the most rewarding aspect of jewelry designing for you?

One of the most rewarding aspects of jewelry design is sharing my experience with others, inspiring people to utilize their gifts and realizing a passion into an actual object. I love getting dressed and having an opportunity to literally wear my dream.