Houston, meet Austin, Then, meet Hollywood. Houston-bred Lee Pace stars in a new series set in 1980’s High-Tech arena, as seen by Hollywood.  Buckle up as our pop culture follower Allison Haberer reveals.

Hold up Mad Men fans, there’s a new Don Draper in town. Houston native Lee Pace is set to star in the new AMC show Halt and Catch Fire, set in the early 1980’s High-Tech frenzy of Silicon Prairie (Austin). You may recognize some of the characters from tech tycoons you know, and you will likely recognize Pace, who is best known for his stint on ABC’s Pushing Daisies, earning him both Emmy® and Golden Globe® nominations.

Pace will once again be taking on the lead role in a series, only this time as Joe MacMillan, an entrepreneur who sets out to cash in on the computer boom. Many say that his character is loosely based on Michael Dell or Steve Jobs. Decide for yourself. For all those feeling nostalgic for all things neon, like Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and John Hughes movies, this is the show for you. It is loosely based on the PC revolution that dominated Texas during the 1980’s. Even the title of the show pays homage to the era; it refers to an inside joke among those familiar with the computer industry.

As Pace says, “The pilot is so tame compared to where it goes. Every other episode we’ve shot, and we just got the script for nine, it is ridiculous. I mean, it is absolutely insane. You’re like, who are these maniacs?” The show, from the executive producer of Breaking Bad, Mark Johnson, has the potential to be the perfect new period drama to complement the technology lacking in Mad Men. AMC debuted the pilot of show recently at tech-heavy SXSW, where we caught up with the stars and producers. They not only wanted to lure those in the technology industry, but also demonstrate the addictiveness they expect the show to have.

Halt and Catch Fire has big shoes to fill, since it is premiering on a network that has created the fan favorites like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and of course, Mad Men. We’ll have to take Pace’s word for it on the rollercoaster ride it will be, so, tune in for the show’s premiere June 1st at 10PM on AMC.