September-October 2014


Yes, pop culture satirist Gore Vidal may have said it best: Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. Around here, we agree that style, which used to be much more prevalent, is still very much alive and kicking – and we like what we are seeing from street style to runway to red carpet. We seek, and almost always find, a sense of inspirational style around every corner we look.

That’s why we like to look backward, while looking forward, all the while being present to fully chronicle today’s style arbiters who appear on these pages monthly. You know them, we know them, and they certainly know themselves. If you can’t place your finger on what makes a certain person stylish, you still know terrific style when you see it, right? It seems easy, effortless, and even, evolutionary. Heck, it can be being practically born in a tuxedo and gown, or being at your finest while playing your best sport. It is knowing what to wear to an occasion without asking… because your intuitive answer is usually correct (or why would you be invited?). From the past to now, most of my personal style icons, pictured here, never met a suit they didn’t like.

As you flip through our featured Texas-born style icons glamour girls, celebrated here this month in our feature Star Quality, helmed by Erin Busbee, are attributed an updated look with a what might she wear now? approach. Although many of the women are long gone, they remain in our hearts and on Turner Classic Movies, too. As you know, Texas is a big state, so the disproportionately large number of actresses who have made it on the big, or small, screen are countless, yet we’ve chosen those whose style endures. In fact, today’s fashion arena is still very much affected by them. From Farrah to Joan, and Cyd to Sharon, and beyond, they began as mannequins for designers; they quickly evolved into being their own women whose very definite sense of taste was established before their careers. We are still transfixed by their iconography and their oft-quoted lines and roles are the soundtrack to our lives. Also, our Love Is A Ball fashion feature, shot by Mark Oberlin and styled by Zoe Hennessey, is chock-full of inspiring glamour for every Cinderella-turned-princess finding her Prince Charming. Have tuxedo and ball gown, will travel.

As you’ll see in this issue, we love always expanding our oeuvre. With the rapid pace world of charity galas that raise multi-millions in one night, the light speed, break neck Instagram-see-it-now world in which we all operate, we bring you people, places and things you know and often, many you don’t know, both in print and digitally. Which is exactly how we like it – always giving you a sense of home within our pages and all the while, keeping you guessing with what new people, places and things we will bring you. With our personality profiles, event coverage, fashion and a polished approach to life, it is the mot juste of who we are. We take great pride in paying attention to what matters and bring that to you in every issue. We know you have other choices of publications to read and we are overjoyed that you consistently choose us.

So, as your own dynamite fall begins, after summer’s R&R, stylishly get back up on that horse and ride it, as we say in these parts. There’s much work to be done and fun to be had, so saddle up and ride with us as your go-to guide for all we do together.

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Lance Avery Morgan