September-October 2013


Happy autumn and welcome back from your vacations, both near and far.  We loved seeing you around the state and we also missed those of you who chose to go to the mountains or the water, or to an exotic new place you want to recommend.

As you read these pages, we are confident you’ll enjoy what you see here as you settle back into the Social Season…from a ball at the Palace of Versailles to the world-renowned The European Fine Art Fair in The Netherlands, to right here in Texas with the best profiles, style, philanthropic and social stories that reflect how you love to live.

We are toasting a recent news story, courtesy of BBC News, on why Texas, and our region in particular continues to boom and why people continue to move here.  The story gives 10 great reasons I’d like to share, with our own take on it, are:

  1. Opportunity Knocks. Five of the Top 10 U.S. cities that grew the most last year are in Texas. In order, they are: Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth.
  2. Economics Go Micro. The cost of living is relatively lower here than in competitive markets from where people are moving like L.A., N.Y. and the Bay Area.
  3. Homes on the Range. The abundance of land, permitting, wide availability and cost, along with stringent banking regulations that helped us during the recent rollercoaster economy, all add up to plentiful housing opportunities.
  4. How Taxing. As we know, taxes are far lower here. You see more paycheck every paycheck and with no personal state income tax, more of that goes toward our regional economy.
  5. City Slickers. Pick your own big city, because there’s a wide array of sophisticated large cities from which to choose. Compare that to places like Illinois, for instance, where Chicago is the only large city option in the state.
  6. Austintatious. Austin has an international reputation and cool factor that is almost unparalleled. From a Texas P.R. standpoint, the Capital City represents our state well.
  7. Family Matters.  Due to schools and housing options, Texas is a family-friendly state. Texas outscored California, New York and Florida in eighth grade testing. Plus, the highest percentage of gay families in the US reside in San Antonio.
  8. Rules, Really. Its entrepreneurial largesse and classic laissez-faire point of view makes Texas a great state in which to create and do business. Our high tech presence and Fortune 500 headquarters in Texas are a force on an international level.
  9. The Normal Heart. We enjoy, for the most part compared to the rest of the country, being unpretentious, down-to-earth and easy to get along with as a whole. The Texas pride is legendary.

10. We Are Here To Stay, Baby. Not only are new arrivals welcome, but also the people who live already here are here to stay.

As a fifth generation, we-got-here-before-the-Alamo-Texan, I find it exciting to see that progressive enhancements this state-under-construction is attracting.  Why not?  Who wouldn’t want to live here?

So, buckle up for a fall full of fun and excitement and we’ll see you in the ballroom.

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Lance Avery Morgan