September-October 2012

Legend is an often overused word, yet around The Society Diaries, we’re very careful with how we throw it around. Remember that old Blackglama fur ad with the headline of “What Becomes A Legend Most?”
I do, too. I recall style icons like Rachel Welch, Audrey Hepburn, Eartha Kitt, and so many more dressed up in mink and posing for the decades-long campaign, usually shot by Richard Avedon and thinking, even as a kid, now that’s a legend.

So, the pursuit of knowing and chronicling legends has been part of my life ever since. While living and working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles for so long, I met and worked with the biggest of the biggest. All legends in their own right, I’d ask them about their lives, loves and careers seeking insight on how they became so legendary. And, they always told me their truth.

One of my favorite personal style legends, Nancy Holmes, of San Antonio, now deceased, was a legend in everything she did – she married well, had successful career in publishing and film, and in between marriages, she dated some of the most exciting and famous men on the planet She always looked like a million dollars, even while traipsing to the HEB for bread, cheese and wine for last-minute guests. I asked Holmes, point plank, what her secret of living such a legendary life was and she mused, “Darling, it was so easy. I tried just harder than anyone I knew, and frankly, also because there weren’t as many people who tried that hard. It was a numbers game and I played the numbers well. Plus, I did always try to dress as if I was ready to jump on a jet to the next adventure, which some found alluring, too.” So, secret revealed: try harder, longevity and dress well while doing it. Check.

As you will see in this latest issue, as with every other issue, we’re in the business of providing more of what you won’t find anywhere else. As we begin our second year of the magazine, expect more of that. Bigger, smarter and cooler is our mantra and we love bringing you the best our region – and those who have ties to it – has to offer. Consider us your BFF style pal who doesn’t talk back, yet instead, inspires at every turn. From self-improvement to romance to fashion, from galas to sharing all sorts of dazzling personalities for your enjoyment, we understand this is a partnership with you, our readers and advertisers. The phrase “it takes a village” has never seemed more appropriate to our efforts, so we look forward to bringing you an intriguing look into your own lives. Join us for more of the glamorous journey, won’t you?

Lance Avery Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

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