How to behave at Fashion Week? Be you, yet only better, darling says our own Ms. Modern Manners Sharon Schweitzer, JD with her Top 10 red carpet ready tips for attending the shows this month at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York.

One look that even the savviest fashionista could never pull off is bad manners. A fashion week faux pas is like walking around in knock-off Louboutins, so don’t let that be you, dears. Here’s how to do Fashion Week and do it right.

  1. Remember Coco Chanel’s advice: before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off. May we suggest the sunglasses on top of your head? Big hats, hair ornaments, or an excessively teased hair-do won’t get you photographed, but will irritate the people in the row behind you. Less is always more.
  2. Dine on protein before you go to the show. When out and about, avoid being photographed with drink or food in your hand (as it should be for any photograph, really). Grazing from show to show can be brutal, and your coolest outfit won’t disguise the lettuce in your teeth.
  3. Be sure to have your seat assignment in advance. It is a no-no to steal someone else’s seat unless you are sure they are not coming. The empty seats may be filled just before show-time. In fact, be one of the few who treats the female ushers nicely and that much-better seat in front could go to you. Also, don’t forget to bring the hard copy of your invitation that will be required at the door. Mobile invitations will work, yet what if your phone doesn’t get reception?
  4. Watch the show. Really watch the clothes. Simultaneous texting, tweeting and posting is distracting to others, so send your pictures and posts after you leave the show. When seated at the runway, avoid holding your phone out so far that several rows may watch from your screen. Avoid stalking celebrities and super models for a photo with you, naturally. There is time for that at the after-parties.
  5. Make mental notes about a piece you truly adore from each collection becasue it will make for engaging conversation at the after-party. Avoid appearing like a novice with nothing of substance to contribute. Surely you will like one thing from even the most unimpressive show.
  6. When attending after-parties, remember to dress appropriately; a fashion party is not a club night with plunging necklines and too-short hemlines. Removing after-party wristbands from the night before lets us know you showered. Plus, don’t worry, we all know you are a VIP.
  7. Know your social status at a busy time when every salon is trying to keep the A-listers happy. Yield to celebrities for your beauty appointment. Even if the celebrity doesn’t remember you, the salon will. Besides, a self-styled chic chignon is always right in a pinch.
  8. A woman teetering on 6 inch heels makes everyone nervous to watch, so wear comfortable shoes so you don’t trip and spill something on a priceless, vintage Dior.
  9. Leave Buffy the purse pooch at home, no matter how cute and fluffy. If Anna Dello Russo leaves Cucciolina at home, so can you.
  10. Is that you cutting across the runway close to show time? Oh, no you didn’t. You know you cannot be the last one to walk in since Anna Wintour has that honor. If you are not on time, you simply won’t be let in, much less make it to your coveted seat.