By Jonathan Spindel

Hello, 2015! We’ve had quite a holiday season at The Society Diaries: we launched a redesigned website, published our latest print issue, and celebrated our fifth year in print. Now the holiday buzz is over, and the New Year is upon us. We feel invigorated and inspired to make the most of this year, and we’ve decided to share some of our New Year’s Resolutions with you.

CREATE: Is is time for a new interior design? An inspiring wardrobe overhaul? Perhaps a rejuvenating beauty treatment or makeover? There’s an artist within each of us, and this year we resolve to express our creativity in the way we live our daily lives.

LISTEN: Music can move us, inspire us, even transform us. We’ll always have a place in our hearts for our favorite musical artists, but this year we’re resolving to discover new musical horizons, and seek out special live performance opportunities in our communities.

TASTE: Whether in film, television, or print media, fine dining and “foodie” culture has hit the world by storm. We love haute cuisine and adventurous dining, so this year we resolve to keep trying new epicurean experiences to inspire and fine-tune our palates.

TRANSFORM: Each year, health and wellness specialists make incredible breakthroughs in the way we understand our bodies. Whether by exercise techniques, high-tech innovations, or inspiring lifestyle choices, we have a wealth of opportunities to cultivate harmony with our bodies. This year we resolve to optimize our health and wellness.

THINK: It’s a great time for literature, with myriad authors producing a broad range of books to inspire and entertain. Whether we prefer novels, memoirs, art books, or nonfiction, there’s always something interesting at our fingertips. It feels great to get lost inside a brand new literary world. This year we resolve to indulge our intellect by reading some of the most recent bestsellers.

Throughout the month of January, we will publish a series of blog features, each according to the themes above, designed to inspire us to improve the quality of our physical, cultural, and intellectual well-being. Follow along as find inspiring ways to TASTE, LISTEN, TRANSFORM, THINK, and CREATE in the New Year.

Do you have any plans to make the most of 2015? Let us know in the comments below.