Here we present our selection of Spring’s most stunning books for your reading and viewing pleasure. Your coffee table and your mind will love their addition to your home. By Sydney Fazende

Mary McFadden

A Lifetime of Design, Collecting & Adventure
By Mary McFadden
$75, Rizzoli Books

Fashion visionary and tastemaker Mary McFadden proves in this self-titled account that she is every bit as sensational today as she was when she started her career. Inspired by world travels and its antiquities, McFadden’s wearable works reflect exotic cultures and shaped the look of the 1970’s.

American Beauty
By Claiborne Swanson Frank
$75, Assouline

Grit, grace and glamour have come to define the quintessential American woman. From Solange Knowles to Jenna Lyons, Aerin Lauder and Lake Bell, these stunning women have made their mark across the county and redefined their respective industries – the true American dream.

Tomboy Style
By Lizzie Garrett Metler
$32.50, Rizzoli Books

Rugged sensibility and understated elegance make for a stunning pair in this tribute of the celebrated tomboy style. From Marlene Dietrich to Alexa Chung, the evolution of style has come to be represented by both the fashion and the spirited woman within.

Be Your Own Decorator
By Susanna Salk
$45.00, Rizzoli Books

Design’s most notable talents come together to share both their favorite rooms and practical advice in making your home your own. By combining color, whimsy and balance, this emphasizes that best spaces are those that resonate your own personality and spirit.

Everyday Flowers
Flowers to Beautify and Decorate the Home
By Paula Pryke
$34.95, Rizzoli Books

Renowned floral artist Paula Pryke welcomes you into her own home and garden. With in-depth instructions on how to make gorgeous wreaths, flower cakes and table adornments, the florist in you will surely bloom.

Jennifer Post
Pure Space
By Anna Kasabian
$50, Rizzoli Books

Jennifer Post’s “pure space” philosophy has elegantly edited homes from a New York loft to a Palm Beach villa. In each of Post’s featured interiors, clean lines and white surfaces personify a refreshing break from a bustling world.

The Mansion on Turtle Creek Cookbook
Haute Cuisine, Texas Style
By Helen Thompson
$39.95, Rizzoli Books

Offering signature dishes from Dallas’ iconic restaurant, this non-traditional cookbook is a marriage of both eclectic flavor and rich history. With dishes that combine the best of Tex-Mex and local southwestern flavors, it is perfect for the home cook and cuisine connoisseur.

Paul R. Williams
Classic Hollywood Style
By Karen E. Hudson
$65, Rizzoli Books

Architect for the Hollywood elite, African-American Paul Revere Williams came to define sophisticated living in the most exclusive of enclaves. Clients such as Frank Sinatra and Lucille Ball defined Williams career and allowed him to make his glamorous design mark on the world. 

Coming Home
The Southern Vernacular House
By James Lowell Strickland
$45, Rizzoli Books

Southern living takes on a new meaning in this beautifully photographed collection of historical concept homes. Combining both the refined and the rural, traditional architecture and artisanal interiors bring life to the ever-present southern hospitality.

Asian Jewellery
Ethnic Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Belts, Head Ornaments
By Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter
$45, Rizzoli Books (Skira)

Travel through a timeline of personal adornment beginning with the prehistoric era into the twentieth-century. Beads, leather and the most precious of metals are taken into a historical context as we experience the social, political and religious impact of jewelry and its aesthetic beauty.

Bringing Nature Home
Floral Arrangements Inspired by Nature
Text and Photography By Ngoc Minh Ngo
$45, Rizzoli Books

Just in time for Spring, arrangements by florist Nicolette Owen are brought to life in this elegant showcase of the seasons and their perfectly paired florals. Including comprehensive advice on the selection and care of flowers, this chronicle inspires the green thumb in us all.

Jimmy Choo: XV
By: Tamara Mellon
$75, Rizzoli Books

Having touched the soles of fashionistas all over the world, the iconic Jimmy Choo brand exudes confidence, glamour and style. Featuring 15 of the most significant and striking shoes to grace both fashion editorial and the red carpet, this coffee table book dares it’s readers to put their best foot forward.

Alberto Pinto World Interiors
By: Alberto Pinto with Julien Morel
$75, Rizzoli Books (Flammarion)

A pioneer in contemporary design, Pinto has brought life, be it pops of color or ornate moldings, to residences all over the world. The famed “Pinto touch” is synonymous with a unique style that combines both modern and classic elements to create unfathomable luxury.

Unexpected Pleasures
The Art and Design of Contemporary Jewellery
By: Susan Cohn and Deyan Sudjic
$55, Skira Rizzoli

In transcending the norms set forth by traditional jewelry, contemporary jewelry has emerged as an art form. A true tour de force, each piece has come to not only celebrate its unique design but also the individual wearer, whether on the catwalk or in the streets.