HERE’S TO 2016

We wish you health, happiness and good fortune in 2016, and that it be your best year ever. If you have made New Year’s intentions, I hope you diligently keep them. If not, and you are like me, simply making it a point to do your best every single day this year by giving thanks for living in a booming Texas while working toward enhancing your health, then the productive path is already set. To me the secret is to being happy, help make others happy, do what you love to do, and live with energy, passion and style.

I’ve also found that balance is key in life. It helps us to improve and appreciate all we have. I find that starting the year being grateful helps to make this a better year, because the phrase “gratitude is the best attitude” helps as a world view. Developing that attitude of gratitude, and giving thanks for everything that happens to you are steps toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation. I’ve also found that attitude determines our life; it makes the difference on how we want to live it. To reference one of my personal heroes Albert Einstein, he said “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Personally, I’m very proud of the success of The Society Diaries as we enter our sixth year of publication – we are far from new, yet I feel we are just warming up to our potential. None of it would be possible without the talents of our world class editorial and advertising teams, and especially without the support of all of you, our amazing readers. I believe that there is no success without commitment – possibly the best description of commitment to me is “persistence with a purpose” and it’s how we operate around here.

So, let’s all make this 2016 a year of an even more enhanced purpose by being grateful, having a positive attitude and committing to achieving your personal and professional goals, and we look forward to sharing the journey with you. Let us know how it is going – we want to hear from you and learning about your accomplishments, too.

Thank you for your time in reading The Society Diaries and let us know about events or issues you would like to see more of as we progress into the bright New Year.

Eduardo Bravo

Eduardo Bravo is the Chairman of the Board & CEO of M.M.G Communications in San Antonio, Texas. He has served in his present position for over fifteen years. Mr. Bravo, currently a resident of San Antonio, Texas, has been engaged in the advertising & publishing business in both the United States and Mexico, since 1992.

He is the Chairman of Fundacion CEFETI, IAP a nonprofit organization in Mexico City and was one of the founders in 1996 and is the current Chairman of AEM (The Mexican Entrepreneurs Association in San Antonio, Texas.), he serves in the board of The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and The San Antonio Opera. Bravo has an extensive experience in running businesses in both the United States and Mexico providing him with a strong marketing ability with U.S. companies who want to advertise in Mexico. He was born in Mexico City and has lived with his wife and three children in the United States since July 2009.



The Best Is Yet To Be

Cheers to ringing in the New Year successfully, as we have enjoyed being a part of your 2015. We are pleased that our publication has cast a wide net over our great state, connecting social philanthropists to one another through immense philanthropic efforts in all our markets of Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and beyond.

You, our very social reader, create the stories we have reviewed in our social chronicles throughout the year. The events are your projects, and they all represent the high performing lifestyles in Texas. A detailed process behind-the-scenes at The Society Diaries takes us from enjoying your events to bringing them alive in print. In every issue we spotlight these events in order to serve as a mini history that present a glimpse into the lives of the biggest parties and personalities around the state.

We are often told our publication serves as not only a way to keep the pulse on the dynamic social scene, but also as a valuable tool in many business transactions as well. For example, those who find themselves in a situation wanting to convince clients of the grandeur of Texas lifestyle and the possibilities our state can offer, they open The Society Diaries for it to be seen in living color. That, to us, is very exciting and as we enter our sixth year, we enjoy being a part of your bright future, too.

As always, thank you for your readership and support, and we wish you a Happy New Year in 2016 with many more celebrations ahead to chronicle.

Rossana Leeper,
Associate Publisher