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Guest CHEF

Photography by Susi Lopez

Chef Steve Warner recently paid a visit to Neiman Marcus San Antonio to serve up delicious bites of Mexican cuisine complemented by world-class margaritas and sangria to a crowd of chic city slickers. He enthralled the guests with his gastronomic delights usually reserved for his Two Step Restaurant & Cantina that is near the store. Leave it to Neiman Marcus to think beyond the box for their in-store events.



Giacomo Forbes is now a featured stylist at Amar Cosmetics, founded in 2008, in San Antonio. Austinites will recognize him from his salon past in Austin. “I always have felt that you have to be patient and wait for the right opportunity”, says salon founder Deborah Amar Schneider when creating her salon focusing in the finest in cosmetics, skincare, and hair.

Enter celeb stylist Forbes in 2011. “We built a hair studio, yet we had not found the right stylist”, says Schneider. “So here was this empty studio waiting to be used, and Giacomo walks in and says ‘hello.’” By November 2011, Forbes had re-located his family to San Antonio.

Over the years, Forbes has worked with celebrities such as Claudia Schiffer, Emma Thompson, Elizabeth Taylor, Marissa Tomei, Yasmeen Bleeth and others. His stylistic talents and hair care products have been praised in the world’s finest magazines including Allure, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and he has made television appearances on networks such as MTV, VH-1, and Bravo’s Sheer Genius. Eventually he landed in South Texas, bringing a renewed level of hairstyling to the region.

To learn more about Amar Cosmetics and to treat yourself to the highest standards of hairstyling, call 866.318.5845.


San Antonian Travis Capps, incorrectly identified as Travis Bailey in a previous issue, and Libby Tilley enjoy the San Antonio Museum of Art Gala.