Omega, George Clooney and Former Astronauts Commemorate 45th Anniversary Of Apollo 13

By Rob Giardinelli
Photography by Getty Images

THE SCENE: Upon the heels of ABC’s hit show, The Astronaut Wives Club, a private hangar outside of Houston was the setting for a once-in-a-lifetime evening. It mixed George Clooney, NASA space pioneers, and the international jet-set crowd with the super-social elite of Houston for an evening that was truly “Out of this World.” All the buzz was to commemorate an unforgettable moment in modern American History – the 45th anniversary of the iconic and challenged Apollo 13 mission.

The evening began as the glitterati strutted down a black carpet into a white octagonal runway inside a surreal all-white dome showcasing many of the Omega watches that astronauts have worn in space over the years, immediately making one feel as being transferred onto the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey. In this remarkable setting a cocktail hour where the Who’s Who of Houston society mixed with the international Jet-Set flown in for the event set the tone for the heavenly evening ahead.

THE VIBE: The guest’s attention was directed to all white doors where they were told to “prepare for liftoff” and as the doors opened they moved into the dining area that was transformed to look like the surface of the moon. As the rarified attendees found their seats at Continental-style tables that snaked about the room and began dining on a scrumptious meal the fanfare of Clooney’s arrival was heralded, smoke and all, as the actor effortlessly transformed himself into the Master of Ceremonies along with author Lily Koppel, showcasing his well-known love for the space program as he showcased his sincere intellect and curiosity by honoring the experiences of NASA Apollo astronauts Jim Lovell, Gene Cernan, and Tom Stafford, capping off an evening that was truly out of this world.

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