Fall is an energizing season for all of us. With the cooler weather we can resonate our inner frequencies more harmoniously and enjoy life much more, according to Austin-based Resonance Repatterning practitioner Mary Schneider.


You likely know that every cell, every organ and every tissue in our body has its own resonant frequency. All of these frequencies come together to form a composite frequency that is us, essentially our own note. This note can sometimes be out-of-tune, so to speak, causing us dissonance in our lives. This fall, it’s time to get back in tune.

Music is an essential element in healing the human system of frequencies. We all love music in one form or another. However, most of us are not at all aware of how much the frequency of the music we are listening to changes the vibration of our entire system, especially in terms of dealing with negative beliefs and feelings and their corresponding negative consequences in our lives.

Fabian Maman, a musician and acupuncturist whose book The Role of Music In The 21st Century reflects his 30 years of studies in these areas states, “This research has been continuously guided by my conviction that music, when in resonance with the energetic laws of the universe, can be a powerful force for physical and spiritual evolution.”

Maman is the doctor attributed to discovering the healing modality of placing a tuning fork on an acupuncture point. I have used this technique in my work with great success. Before becoming a healer, Maman traveled all over the world with a quintet playing his own compositions as well as Brazilian music. Over time he began to see that certain types of music did well at certain times of the year. He noticed that a piece successfully played in the spring in Japan would not be as generously received if his group played it in the fall, and vice versa. He became convinced that, as he says, “In order to realize the full musical potential in the concert hall, I needed (a) resonance among the instruments chosen, the melody, the musical key and the season of the year. They all had to be synergized.”

In the 2,500 year-old healing methodology of acupuncture, it is recognized that the health and wellbeing of the physical body depends entirely upon the health and coherence of the subtle, energetic bodies. Most disease starts here and can be circumvented by dealing with the imbalances in the energetic body preventing it from developing into a problem on the gross physical level.


Resonance is the frequency at which an object most naturally vibrates. What you resonate with determines all of your thoughts, words and actions and whether they are helpful or harmful. As Maman’s audiences experienced, we too are affected energetically by the resonant differences in the seasons. Each element in the Chinese 5 Element Acupuncture System corresponds to a different season. The Fire Element is the summer, the Earth Element is late summer, the Metal Element is autumn, the Water Element is winter, and the Wood Element is spring.

In addition, there are 12 meridians in the five elements of the acupuncture system and each one corresponds to a consonant sound that heals it. For example, the consonant sound that heals the Stomach Meridian is P/B (puh-buh). And in the Ayurvedic Chakra System there is a sound that heals each chakra. For instance, the sound that heals the Heart Chakra is YAM. The Native Americans have always recognized the healing power of sound and chanted specific sounds in their healing rituals. Tribal medicine men typically used a set of vowel sounds. These ancient healing modalities that are still widely used in today’s alternative healing culture have always known of the tremendous healing power of sound vibration.

According to traditional acupuncture, at the change of the seasons it is very easy for the body-mind system to lose its natural balance. During these seasonal transitions, people often find that they lose their optimal energy levels or even become sick; we are much more prone to dis-ease at these times. So it is advisable for us all to get some extra nurturing support during the changing of the seasons.

Massage, acupuncture, Rolphing, hypnosis, Reiki, chiropractic, Resonance Repatterning and many other modalities – techniques that clear out any ‘energetic static’ or congestion – are particularly helpful. As Maman discovered, healing the energetic balance in the subtle body before it reaches an actual physical manifestation is the optimal situation. If you find that this is something that actually resonates with your way of dealing with stress, chanting and toning different sounds at the seasonal transitions will be very helpful in alleviating the possibility of any imbalance.

In addition, chanting and toning with other family members has the ability to entrain the family to one another, known as the Law of Entrainment. With the use of music and sound methodology, we are able to create entrainment with one another and with ourselves, and that is a beautiful thing.