November-December 2014

The Best Of Everything

In Texas we readily realize we have the best of everything: a Southern climate, Northern enterprise, Eastern sophistication and Western self-confidence. If you have been in this state for a while, you already know that. If you are new, we welcome you and all the things you’re about to discover here that makes this area of the country so special.

About this time of year we tend to get a little reflective around here, too – retrospectively ruminative of what an exciting year it has been; whom we’ve met, the high performers we’ve profiled, the events we’ve celebrated in these pages that have raised countless millions for worthwhile causes, and the style, trends, and ingenuity of so many that we have translated for our readers from breakfast to ballroom.

Most importantly, being in the present and absorbing everything around us has been an endeavor of epic proportions this year. Perhaps author and mythologist Joseph Campbell states it best in The Power of Myth, which can apply to the myth and reality of Texas: Follow your bliss, find where it is, and don’t be afraid to follow it. If you think small, then you’re world will be small. If you think big, your world will be bigger. He wrote about the hero’s journey and plainly stated he invites us to be our own personal hero. How cool is that? DIY heroism, from home to the workplace, to the wider world beyond us, is possible.

I have a multitude, to say the least, of personal heroes at The Society Diaries. To mention their specific talents would take volumes, so I always let the pages unfold and speak for themselves. The world-class voices of our editorial and publishing teams reflected here are curated and wildly creative. How could they not be given our mission and point of view to celebrate, celebrate, celebrate the good in the world with which we surround ourselves? We seek the joy in life and as spiritual author Paulo Coehlo vividly illustrates in the groundbreaking book, The Alchemist: find a place where there is joy and it will burn out the pain.

This month we have a culmination of joy, greatly inspired by the vintage holiday covers you see on this page. From joyful, glamorama fashion, shot on location nearby at the fabled St. Anthony Hotel in San Antonio, and captured by the triumvirate of photographer Romy Suskin, stylist Megan Bennett, and feature producer Amy Whitehouse. Then, we jet on a trip to the bountiful, glorious Florence, as seen by Emma Lomax-Cohen. Our over-the-top holiday wish list of gifts to give, and receive, by Jason Schubert, Jonathan Spindel, and our team, exudes how we are always looking for the new and different. So we thought, why not share some fun holiday gifts that we’d enjoy giving to each and every one of you? Heck, we’d like to try them, too,

Of course, our regular departments contain a great deal of insight that focuses on leading, well, a more elegant and urbane life. The riches of the season unfold in this issue and every one ahead, so be inspired and enjoy the holidays like never before as you prepare for a triumphant 2015 ahead. Happy Holidays and a very wonderful New Year to you and yours.

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Lance Avery Morgan