November-December 2013


Happy Holidays to you and yours, dear ones. We are wishing you the best of the best this special season that you will lovingly spend with family and friends. These are those two months where the clock ticks away at one more year of incredible good fortune. At this time of year we know it is easy to get caught up in the festivities, the special events, the merriment of people gathering for one last time before the year renews itself. The Auld Lang Syne of it all and everything that entails. However, we are taking stock now more than usual.

Around here at The Society Diaries, we are mighty grateful. We show that gratitude every way we can with all we pursue to bring you a publication of which you can be proud that is derived about this dynamic region. From every contributor to every reader, philanthropy, advertising partner, event alliance and so on, they are living proof that thoughts give life to words and those words create the action of so many that you see in this and every issue. To say that we are blessed is a vast understatement.  We count our blessings instead of sheep all year ‘round, it seems.

As we end the year on a high note, as always since there is no other option, I found a way of looking at the past year more clearly.  Thinking backwards for forward motion. To get ahead, being aware of the past and how it got you to here is infinitely interesting when projecting your goals and dreams.  Art and creativity are a prayer you give the world… so how has your art, whatever that may be, been this year and how will you share it into the upcoming year? Art is so more than something that is hung on a wall. It is a beautiful gesture, an empathic conversation with someone in need, it’s a bag of hope of a small snack to the person on the corner who might be down on his luck, it’s a thank you note to someone who made a difference yesterday or twenty years ago in your life. That’s the art you give the world. Here are some artful ways of looking at things as we round the corner into 2014:

10. How important you are to so many. Even to people you don’t know yet or may have known before now.

9. How easy life was when you stop struggling. Looking for that rainbow after showers is part of the human experience.

8. That all of your prayers and thoughts are heard. Always.  The timing isn’t up to you on how they transpire, though.

7. That there really were no coincidences in life. Everything and everyone is meant to be.

6. How far the ripples of your kindness actually spread. One delicate gesture could save countless lives.  But, you may never know the details of it until much later in the game of life.

5. What really is important: happiness, friends, and love. The Big Three.  Period.

4. That any and all of your dreams can come true –  if they have not yet, buckle up because they are in process somehow, some way. Look all around you.  Fruition from dreams is how we all exist.

3. How good looking and fun you always are. Happiness always shows through the eyes and a genuine smile. .

2. How much guidance you have received, whenever you ask for help. It’s there, you just have to be vulnerable to seek the wisdom from others and check the egos at the door.

1. That Universe’s spirit is alive in everything, including yourself, at all times in all ways.

So, we wish you all a terrifically merry and safe set of holidays and thank you for taking us with you wherever you’ll enjoy the sights and sounds of the season. See you in 2014 with many exciting issues ahead to inspire and celebrate our The Society Diaries world with you.

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Lance Avery Morgan