November-December 2012


Around this time of the year, anyone who knows me knows that I get a little misty with gratitude reflecting on the year and what is has meant to me. Our first full year of The Society Diaries has been so well-received that it sometimes seems a bit overwhelming that we have been taken into the hearts, homes and briefcases of so many of you wonderful readers both near and far.

It’s true we are not the self-aggrandizing type. We’ll leave that to the online sites where people sometimes post the most minute and uninteresting details. In fact, we’ve reconsidered some friendships based on some of the postings that we’ve seen. Since when did everyone become so self-important is our question, posting nuggets that most of us were raised to not discuss in polite company, much less on a global forum. At the other end of the spectrum, it is our honor and yes, our duty, to bring this region the editorial it has never seen before and likely, won’t find anywhere else either. From our people profiles, fashion spreads, stellar event coverage and must-see adventures, we love having our pulse on what’s happening now and what’s happening five minutes from now, too. Some have called it a sport, but we call it just another day (and many times, evening) at the office.

Sentimentality isn’t our strong suit, yet as we round out the year, we can’t help ourselves. We are beyond appreciative our advertising partners and to the editorial and publishing team that makes the magazine click and hum smoothly every single day. Without their cumulative talents, you wouldn’t be holding this in your hands right now. Without their vision, this would be a gathering of blank pages, so I indeed personally grateful for this opportunity to be apart of this cultural movement.

We love day-dreaming of our favorite things to acquire and as you’ll see in this month’s Objects of Desire feature, we are thrilled to bring you some tantalizing gifts to inspire your own shopping desires. This, along with our Paris during the holidays feature, our inside look at F-1, our fashion feature, and every other page we created to inspire you, was a joy to create. Remember, you can be, do, live and experience everything you want as long as you believe it can happen. Until we meet again in black tie, we look forward to a prosperous 2013 as you, too, shine your lights on all you wish and and work toward making all your dreams come true.

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Lance Avery Morgan

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