Five extra-simple ideas for radiant health and vibrant energy can be yours, according to wellness expert, Austin based acupuncturist, Andra Millian L.Ac.

New Year’s Resolutions are so ho-hum. We’ve all tried them. Every year we make endless lists: bucket lists, to-do lists and wish lists that we promise ourselves to try, and we end up overwhelmed or too busy with our life commitments to squeeze in one more thing. Well, dear ones, this New Year simplicity is the key. Here are five simple ideas that most of us already do to some degree, but when put together will make dramatic positive changes in how well we feel and how much great energy we gain to enjoy life to the fullest. So, pin this check list to your fridge door, and start checking off your fine five.


Sounds simple, right? But, many of us don’t do it adequately. As we fly though our stressful days, our breathing becomes shallow and rapid. We talk faster, which also leads to shallow, incomplete breaths. Breathing fully and deeply is the magic key. Deep inhalation strengthens our immune system and improves the quality of our circulation, helping us to metabolize nutrients and vitamins that helps us reach our ideal weight. Exhaling fully removes all the carbon dioxide and increases the oxygen in our blood. Deep breathing increases digestion and assimilation of food nutrients, strengthens the heart and lungs and elevates our mood by boosting the ‘feel good’ chemicals in our brains. A New Year’s resolution idea is to print out several pieces of paper with these words on it: “JUST BREATHE” — and tape them to your most stress-filled areas like your dashboard, your computer, your cell phone.


Another thing we already do. Not so fast… achieving the optimal quantity and quality of your sleep is key. Many people claim to feel fine on just a few hours of sleep per night, but in truth, the amount of sleep your body needs depends on several factors. Most experts recommend an average of eight hours per night for adults. Invest in that new mattress or pillow you’ve been day dreaming about. At bedtime try a sip of caffeine-free herbal tea like mint or chamomile. Take your calcium and magnesium supplement before bedtime; the minerals will help relax your muscles and lull you to sleep. Make a good, restful night’s sleep a top priority on your New Year list.


Our skin is the largest organ in our body and functions to absorb moisture. Skin and hair products are manufactured to absorb very effectively into the skin but many contain agents that are toxic in moderate doses and they add up. This New Year go through all of your personal cleaning products, shampoo, makeup, nail products, shaving and body wash, and skin lotions. Scan the labels for common ingredients that may be hazardous to your health, and avoid products with sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. Instead, opt for all-natural products; your favorite natural foods store should have a broad selection.


This year, at least one time per month, set a day to pay a visit to your favorite wellness provider and watch your life quickly change for the best. Tried Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine? Find a licensed “L.Ac.” by the Texas State Medical Board who’s also certified by the NCCAOM and gain expert advice and safe, effective treatment for stress, strains, pains as well as more complex issues like menopause symptoms, digestive issues and seasonal allergies.


You’ve probably heard a friend rave about his or her favorite massage therapist. It has piqued your curiosity but you have yet to try it. Or it’s been a while since your last visit and the stresses of the last year are starting to creep back, in the form of stiffness, soreness, back aches, less than great sleep and energy. You’ve worked hard at your professional, home, and family life all year. So, treat yourself to a relaxation session by a licensed massage therapist for a minimum of 30 minutes, or have one come and pay a house call. You’ll find the benefits are great, and extend to your emotional as well as physical wellbeing. You may even want to schedule a massage every month. Couples massages, even better.

As you can see, many of these activities are already a part of your life. It’s an easy shift to put them and keep them on your New Year New You radar. Stick to your resolutions, and enjoy your New Year.