Want more beautiful and glowing skin immediately? Look no further. Neiman Marcus San Antonio recently shared an exclusive concept in skin therapy by introducing a rejuvenating, pure air environment to showcase the exquisite and exclusive treatment. This 99.9%pure air bubble is a spacious, isolated area specifically designed to enhance treatments, increase the efficacy of the products and transport you to a state of complete tranquility. Within this innovative atmospheric “bubble”of pure air, the skin and the body receives improved clarity, energy and detoxification providing the perfect venue for the launch of Natura Bissé’s most unique beauty ritual.

The Natura Bissé Bubble facial is a sumptuous treatment that envelops your complexion in absolute luxury and unparalleled well-being to ensure the efficacy and receptivity of the treatment. How wonderful is that?

The elements? Particle-free, pure air. The skin in its purest state. Natura Bissé Bubble stimulates the mechanisms that eliminate toxins and dead skin cells, ensuring maximum hygiene to the skin.
It enhances the absorption of the treatments applied, accelerating and boosting the effect of the nutrients and active ingredients. It also delicately cares for the skin and naturally restores its youthfulness; the pure air provides an optimum environment for obtaining the best results.

A unique and unparalleled experience that submerges you in an aromatic environment, with soft music and a setting for complete tranquility that will transport you to a state of relaxation through deep breathing and holistic techniques, guiding the mind through a journey that awakens the senses. The Natura Bissé Bubble beauty ritual offers a unique experience that provides exceptionally rejuvenating effects. So, what are you waiting for? Available at Neiman Marcus San Antonio.