Moving On Up

New Year, new you, right? It all sounds so easy. So here are a few ways you can realistically maximize your physical assets in the coming months from fitness expert Chelsea Paul who lets us in on her training secrets so that 2012 is your healthiest year ever.

Here’s the truth: at the start of every New Year we commit to get more fit than the previous year. New Year’s resolutions are made. Gym memberships are purchased. Junk food is forbidden. The quest to live a more fit and healthy lifestyle becomes the driving force to take better care of ourselves and make sustainable lifestyle changes that will undoubtedly improve our quality of life. Right?  Right. The New Year represents an opportunity to establish new health and fitness goals, to raise our personal bar, and to go in search of a new achievement that will increase self-esteem and overall self-confidence. Here’s how I can help you achieve that.

At the start of the New Year we are highly motivated goal driven individuals with an uncompromising course of action to break the cycle of poor choices and self-inflicted unhealthiness. We will be consistent with our workouts, feverishly committed to burn more calories than we consume in order to the see the number budge on the scale and to slip into our pants more comfortably. Each day we will prepare our meals, say no to take out and the sweet treats in the office, and take control of how much we eat and drink. We will vow to get more adequate rest and reduce stress, ensuring that we begin each day with undeniable fortitude so that we are mentally prepared to endure any obstacles we may face throughout our day. We have told ourselves that this will be the year that we lose weight, become more physically fit, and inspire change and improvement in all areas of our lives.

You can achieve that, yet more often than not, we struggle to maintain consistency and enthusiasm amidst the demands of chaotic and over booked scheduling. We then give up, throw in the towel all together, for if we are not getting the results we wanted right away why continue to devote the time and effort towards what we now perceive as a futile purpose? The key to successful weight loss is a daily commitment to making permanent changes in your diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits. The problem that is likely to arise with New Year resolutions is that they tend to be too absolute, unrealistic, and overwhelming. Instead of changing one thing at a time, we attempt to reconstruct all areas of our life simultaneously. The result can be a plan that lacks scalability, practicality, and functional durability. We then will fall back onto the path of least resistance, finding comfort in what we are use to and what we know. The key to successful weight loss is a commitment to making permanent changes in your diet and exercise habits.  Successfully fit people are conscious eaters, not dieters.

Keep it simple at first. You want something. Go get it. This is your year to be someone who does things, rather than someone who thinks about doing things. Commit to be fit… for a lifetime…one change at a time. Today’s your best day to start.