May-June 2014


Summer In The City, Suddenly Last Summer, Summer of ’42, All Summer Long, That Sunday That Summer, and A Summer Place, are all songs and films about the sunniest season I enjoy and could see and listen to all year. Maybe that is because I love summer so much.  As a fifth generation Central Texan, growing up with summer temperatures for months on end, before and after the actual season, is something with which I resonate. The best part of creating a perfectly bespoke summer? Being both in Texas and traveling afar to enjoy the warmth in other places, all the while being closely connected to our mission here at The Society Diaries: engaging, inspiring, and igniting the passions of our readers with what we provide to help you attain your best life ever.

This month, like every issue before, you are in luck. Our fashion homage to iconic Mid-Century photographer Slim Aarons, the king of capturing summer chic, is perfectly reinterpreted by lensman Mark Oberlin and stylist Andru Wallace, as you’ll see, showcasing the best looks of the season. Celebrity photographer Gray Hawn shares her point of view of another icon, the Texas cowboy, to signify his noble spirit that is alive today, and Paul Bradshaw shares his jet-setting experiences with Spain’s coastal city, San Sebastian that will have you wanting to pack your bags to experience, too.

Along with our super stylish and smart department contributors, whose wisdom and soignée approach to the world will surely enhance yours, too. Then, there are our astute social chroniclers in every city who bring alive the galas, debutante presentations, and events of all sorts. This edition is chock-full of terrific causes and we offer you insight on how they were celebrated, and created much-needed funds for a plethora of organizations. I can assure you that you’ll be dazzled.

And, as the social season winds down a bit temporarily, I am reminded of some of my other, favorite things of these sun-kissed months…

Summer Foods

From cool treats to fresh, seasonal produce, I can’t get enough of them: like dewberries, coffee ice cream, Sno-cones, icebox pie, exotic smoothies, and anything that swims in ice.

Summer Duds

From a white linen shirt or pants, to crazy Old Bull Lee shorts and slim swim trunks, now is the time to cast away the drab and turn up the color.

Quick Swims

Marco Polo and all the swimming pool games come rushing back to memory with a quick dive into the blue contentment of water. Heck, it’s better than a two-hour nap in a hammock to refresh and reinvigorate.

Summer Travels

Sure, everyone else is traveling, too, yet an open road or a quick trip to a new exotic locale here and beyond is just the ticket to clear the mind and nourish the soul.

Fresh Reads [design note – fan them over each other – 1. Jay over 2. Mr. Porter, over 3. Hollywood]

Some just have to be constantly learning. For me, learning more about pop culture at a much deeper level can be enlightening.  Recommended: Jay Jeffers: Collected Cool (Rizzoli) Mr. Porter’s Paperback (Thames & Hudson), and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (Flammarion).

Pace Yourself

With fewer people around, since it seems like have the world is in Capri, the streets almost appear empty compared to the hustle and bustle of spring. What’s not to relish in that?

The Longest Day

Thanks, Daylight Savings Time. Staying light until 8PM means more opportunities can be pursued in one day. Or, just to enjoy the longer sunsets.

Lawn Sports

Whether playing Bocce Ball and croquet on a wide swath of grass, the more genteel of summer sports creates fun with friends and family. Serve a Pimm’s Cup or a French 75 in a monogrammed glass to add more luster.

Made In The Shade

There is nothing like a new pair of sunglasses to give a fresh outlook on the bright future. Ray-ban’s always seem to work for a timeless look.

Summer Breeze

Want to feel rooted in summer reality? Absorb the scent of freshly mown lawns, sunscreen, citrus-y colognes, and let the summer into your heart.

We look forward to spending our summer with you. So, pack us in your suitcase, or beach tote, so you’ll be in the know in this wonderful, rarified world.

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Lance Avery Morgan