May-June 2012

Ladies Who Lunch. Really?

An Austin ladies luncheon fundraiser circa 1965. Archival Photography Courtesy of The Austin History Center

It’s more like ladies who launch these days. I recently asked what I think might transpire at the ladies-who-lunch gatherings and I came up with very little. In fact, due to the busy worlds of our social butterflies, which more accurately might be called social eagles, lunch is often a time where things happen. For instance, an event that raises close to a million dollars might take close to a year of planning, plotting, designing, booking and inviting to become the major success that an average onlooker might not even know where to begin with details.

Those details might be discussed and plotted at lunch, yet more likely it’s a email conversation and pristine follow-up that would not need to involve a Cobb salad and a glass of Chardonnay at Tarryhouse. And, certainly, there’s no spare time for lazy daisy shopping afterward.

Conversely there are the non-profit board meetings that usually don’t need to involve a meal and are all business. We like that. People taking their personal time to help create amazing feats on a wider level. Then, there’s the corporate board meeting that many of our readers are privy to, as well as legislative pow-wows and initiatives for a greater good without the cheese sticks at the Argyle Club. Yes, women and men alike are moving forward with great leaps in our region to do things globally.

Speaking of which, we recently had a working lunch with Lifetime’s Project Accessory star Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti at Lake Austin Spa who is the Meryl Streep of the style world to get her point of view on how current style trends can become forever style opportunities. Her Swiss-born extraction and pristine taste has catapulted into one of the most successful online brands in history. Again, on a global level. She is featured later in this issue.

Even though we find us in the throes of summer, we understand that productivity knows no season. We love a great break to re-charge and you should, too, right? In our 24/7 economy – make that 25/8 –  we are seeing how people are working in the political realm to help decide the next elections. It’s all our rights and we know you take them seriously, too. And when in lighter moments, we appreciate you reading all that we have to offer you. We like being a feast for the eyes and love providing you with content that you likely won’t find anywhere else with our world-class writers and photographers who bring the world to you as we see it. Plus, it’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day these months and we are very grateful to those who helped us launch into this world – we wouldn’t be here right now without you.

We also lift our glass to you as you voyage near and far to make a difference in your home, neighborhood or perhaps, volunteering half-way around the world. And, to get some rest until the Social Season begins again in September. 

Lance Avery Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

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