March-April 2013

When the chill wears thin and the sight of the first wildflowers are spotted sprouting on the side of the road, we all realize now that, well, spring has sprung. Break out the white, linen and warm weather clothes that especially welcome this Social Season. At this very moment this is being written in a crowded ballroom, amongst some of the state’s most ravishing creatures, barking puppies for a live auction and I’m waving at you at across the dance floor. You know who you are. It is every one of you.

We have many influences for our big Spring Fashion issue that have permeated our point of view. We have just been captivated by the post Edwardian, Jazz Age fashions of Downtown Abbey that will ride into more popularity when a remake of The Great Gatsby hits theaters in May. And, during this issue, AMC’s hipster Mad Men series rears its stylish little head. So, what are we to do with the confluence of complex mixture of fashion influences? Embrace it.

This month we bring you that big mix with San Antonio style maven Erin Busbee’s look at the season’s must-wear color, blue. Mark Oberlin and Anrdu Wallace created the dynamic ginger-headed homage to vintage San Antonio-born supermodel and actress Suzy Parker in our Come & Get It fashion feature, while Dexter Fletcher and Sophia Batson helmed the sleek and elegant look at the season’s best diaphanous gowns in Curve Appeal, all of which are entrance making show-stoppers at any gala and luncheon. We know you want to look your best and we are here to motivate you.

From the best inspiring articles on topics as diverse as fitness, romance, self empowerment and entertaining articles by Julia McCurley, Elise Trube, Mary Schneider, Brandon Mills and Lara Shriftman. Then there’s vintage fashion collecting piece that Mallory Culbert shares, to a profile on model mogul Houstonian-turned-Manhattanite Neal Hamil, John Bloodsworth’s insider look at Fiesta, the King Ranch’s ongoing legacy in photos, and the chicest spring reads to adorn your coffee table. And, so much more. We love being a magazine you can read all month: in your jet, on your coffee table or sunning poolside.

In addition, our crop of galas and luncheon social coverage chronicles where you went, with whom you sat and how much- needed funds were raised for so many worthy organizations. It takes a village to raise an event, as we all know, and we are honored these events that take a year to plan, create and execute.

So, pull up a chaise lounge and join us as we reflect you your best spring season ever. We are so glad we are in your social universe and to help get you in the spring fling frame of mind, here are some things we love most about this time of year:

It’s A Love Thing
People seem to fall in love in the spring more often, according to the love experts. If you are in love, relish it. If not, it’s likely just around the corner. Love is where you find it.

Dining Al Fresco

Whether you dine on the patio, terrace or by the pool, eating outside on a beautiful day tends to renew the senses.

Open Windows With Spring-Scented Candles
In the winter it’s usually too cold to do that and in the summer it’s often too hot. The light breeze of spring encourages you to open up the windows to get in fresh air. Light a pear or mango candle to let spring’s breeze waft through.

Birds Chirping
It seems so basic, yet there are few sounds as cheerful as birds singing to each other outside your window as the sun rises. Especially if it is a cardinal or bluebird.

More Daylight

We recently turned the clocks forward, so you lost an hour. But the fact that you can play sports in the afternoon and also have time for shower and dinner while it is still daylight. Besides that, it makes it feels like so many more things are possible each day.

Closet Transitions
I do this symbolically on the first day of spring to welcome the season. Linens, whites and shorts (as well as the ubiquitous white dinner jacket) come forward and all heavy coats and sweaters move to the end of the line, laundered for wear for the first cool spell many months away. It seems like a breath of fresh air.

Color Yourself Happy
Decades of tests have proven that people respond positively to brighter colors. Look around you: the grass is robustly green, flowers are blooming in every color. The Texas sky is sky blue. After winter’s monochromatic color palate, these effusive colors always occur at the right time.

Spring Candy
The basic things that resonate childhood like Girl Scout cookies are only available for a short time, brightly colored chocolate candy jumps off the shelf at me and of each year and yes, I indulge. Hey, the French do it and live long lives, so take a bite out of the candy and take a bite out of life.

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Lance Avery Morgan

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