March-April 2012

The Reality Housewives of …

Recently, we wondered what sort of television show might depict the reality housewives of fill-in-the-blank city in our region. L.A., N.Y. and even Atlanta have played host cities to these modern day, low budget telenovelas, yet none in Texas have yet officially popped up. These days there seem to be very few secrets anymore, thanks to the power of the Internet’s ubiquitous search engines and social networking sites that have deterred any sense of propriety and elegant privacy which might have existed less than a decade ago, right? A quick surf through the channels these days sees the world’s D-listers who can have a show built around them, be it hand fishing, snooping in storage units, or yes, infiltrating the personal lives of moneyed denizens in affluent cul-de-sacs.

Let’s face it. From our vantage point, we see a lot. Over the years we have fielded the calls from both coasts when TV producers plan to come to the state looking for where the action is. And, after years of those calls and politely declining its exposure of kimono opening from a certain cable network, we kept hearing the rumors that reality housewives here were actually going to be the focus of the next Peeping Tom franchise, but alas, it was not meant to be.

Who do the TV execs want? They want people who cultivate a life of making and spending too much too quickly, with more than a dash of scandal and conflicts that could be a storyline for several episodes. Interesting that a fleeting TV episode could kill a well-built community reputation; proving that instant celebrity can create barrels full of embarrassment in a hurry. Sure, we know some people who might be a fit, but would we be a part of how a cheap thrill opportunity could potentially create a lifetime scar on them? No, thanks, instead we will keep presenting the best and positive inspiration we can find here in these pages now and in the future.

Have you how also felt how inspiring life feels now that Spring has sprung? Does it ever feel great? As you flip these pages you’ll notice it is a very fashionable one. Photographer Mark Oberlin captures an excitingly fresh perspective of Spring fashion with it’s whimsy and charm as our cover story and stylist Kevin Seah shares his vision for how big city style translates from runway to real wear this season. True confession: around here we are devoted to the cult we call High Style and we think you are, too. Especially when it comes to travel.

Wear the black dress (or tuxedo) and bring the passport is always the motto around here and nowhere is that more applicable than in Julia McCurley’s feature, Monte Carlo Mischief where she lives like a billionaire for 72 hours in the fabled principality known for it’s most famous royal, Princess Grace, who had many friends in Texas during her lifetime.

Ever wonder what it was like to have a cult devoted to your talents? Think Enid Collins, San Antonio-based handbag designer in the swingin’ 1960’s who revolutionized how women accessorized their shift dresses, Capri pants and on-the-go outfits of the era. In fact, this entire issue is devoted to 24/7 style and we hope you enjoy it. Along with our other columnists, we love featuring talent who are on their way to becoming household names themselves and if they had their own show, we’d certainly tune in to see them because their stylish insight and real life achievements would make the world a better, and more real, place to live and love. 

Lance Avery Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

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