How’s your New Year/New You resolution working out so far? Here we’ll continue to inspire your healthiest year ever with San Antonian Brandon Mills’ top fitness tips that will help you create the shape you’ll love for spring and beyond.

By now there is a chance that you may have compromised your New Year’s resolution to love getting in shape. No problem. I have found six simple ways to reignite the spark and rekindle your love affair with fitness.

It’s widely renowned that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but not so much with the gym. We realize that absence will make the waist grow larger and conversely, the will to work hard and enjoy doing it grows smaller. What does that add up to? You guessed it, a dull and boring relationship with your fitness and health. Whether or not you are lost in your self-love or divorced from your resolution, you can rekindle your love and ignite that calorie burn to get back and get intimate with your health and fitness.

More fun than one

No one truly likes to workout by himself or herself. And if they do, they are not being safe. So why would you try to tackle a new training program alone? The best part is that you don’t have to. Go to your local gym or neighborhood fitness facility and check out its lists of group exercises classes. From body sculpting, to spin classes, abdominal blasts, and yoga classes, you are bound to find a class to ignite your intimacy with your new goals. Even better, you’re sweating it out with others who are right there with you. You will also feel more accountable to be there with friends, stay motivated by the group energy, and perhaps, not even realize you’re madly in love with fitness because you’ll be having too much fun.


It is human nature to create habits and then do the same thing over and over again. It is also human nature to get bored and give up. Your labor of loving yourself is no different.  If you have lost the passion to proceed toward your goals and found yourself flabby with a tub of ice cream on the couch in your worries, I’ll bet all you need is a new outlook to be re-stimulated to better health. You’re bored at home? Get out and join a gym. You can get free trial memberships at most and find the one that best suits you and your goals. Disenchanted with your gym? Break-up with your old gym and join a new one. There are plenty of them out there from which to choose. You will not know what’s out there until you start looking. Tired of only sweating inside instead of being outside? Change it up and throw in some adventure by taking your workout outside and get some PDA (public display of activity). You never know whom you will run into or even, inspire.


You don’t have to be a supermodel to look hot, so why should they be the only ones who are constantly told they look good? If you get back onto a routine or start a new one, do it for yourself and remind yourself of the hard work that you are accomplishing by looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself how great you look, or are going to look. You can do it in the privacy of your own home, or in public at the gym for that matter. Chances are if you do it in public, you will make someone laugh, and that’s always a good thing. Be confident in your new regimen and your love for your health and your potential new love life will thank you.


If you go into your new health routine over zealously, you are going to loose steam fast. Make sure your do it at a pace that you can keep up with and more importantly, a pace that will last. Don’t forget about the little things that add up to the big things that can add up to big results. Don’t skip out on warm-ups or stretching. If you get hurt, you can’t work out, and if you cannot work out, then your calorie-burning flame will fade and then extinguish. Then we are just back to being lonely and hurt on the couch. Make sure you keep your health a priority and know that you will not become a superhero overnight, so I recommend you do not make unrealistic goals that will find you defeated before you have even had a chance to begin. Be enthusiastic with your health and wellness and be proud of what you accomplish. We’ve already addressed that confidence is sexy, and so is knowing that you have the stamina to accomplish your new goals.


You already possess the tools to satisfy your health and fitness goals. You you can also enhance them. There is a ton of free information out there, so get on the Internet, pick up a magazine, or ask a trainer or friend at the gym for some help or to show you a new exercise. Those of us who work in fitness are inspired by showing exercisers new things and new ways to work their bodies. It is why we do what we do. So don’t be afraid to ask for help because it is out there it will help you be safe and effectively reach your goals while doing it.


Just as many of us do with our New Year’s resolution, finishing a couple of hard workouts and intense sweat sessions makes us think we have done enough, satisfied the fitness beast that grew inside of us over the holidays, and allowed our hearts to flat line our new found love for health. The results are in the beats per minute it takes to burn up extra calories. When you have finished that rough exercise, get psyched and ready to do it again, and do it better and harder. Your muscles are going to become toned, and with growth comes strength. Use that new found strength to increase your self-challenge. It is fun to grow and to continue to push yourself, yet it is also fun to experiment with new forms of training to enhance your overall experience. Add an element of surprise to change up your workouts. Play with your sets and repititions to keep your body guessing is ideal. Take a group class that challenges your stamina. And try adding intervals to your program to heat up your workout. You will cut back on the time in the gym and get a bigger burn while doing it.

We all know that we must love ourselves before we can love another. This season as you begin your Spring Fling, tell yourself “i love you” by falling back in love with fitness.  Whether you join a gym, get moving outside, or just revisit your long term goals, make the time for the one person you will always have to be with this spring season… is you.