By: Molly Bayme
Photography by Cake Art, Frosted Art and Page’s Bakehouse   

The only thing sweeter than a wedding ceremony, are the desserts served at the wedding reception. As evident in the wedding dessert trends of this winter season, wedding desserts are an opportunity for the bride and groom to put a modern twist on a classic custom. Traditionally speaking, wedding cakes have been the dessert centerfold of weddings. However, today, on top of wedding cakes, groom’s cakes and bride’s cakes are stealing the spotlight during wedding weekends, adding an entire new degree of excitement to the winter wedding dessert trends for 2014.

As the winter season is among us, so are new wedding cake fashions. According to pastry chef Paige Morgan of Paige’s Bakehouse in the Austin area, “season has a lot to do with the style of wedding cake”. This winter, she is predicting a lot of monochromatic tones in wedding cakes as well as cakes with shiny, metallic tinges in the cake’s exterior. “Select a winter color for your wedding cake, such as a pale blue or even a color in the classic off-white color scheme,” Morgan recommends. At this time, many brides and grooms keep their cake the traditional white color, but add darker embellishments to make the cake stand out. Not only does this add another element of uniqueness to the dessert, but also it gives it a modern and winter season feel.

Customizing your winter wedding cake does not stop there. Choose a winter flavor for your cake to add to the seasonal sentiments like caramel spice that is a scrumptious example of a prime winter dessert flavor guests will not be able to turn down. Frosted Art in Dallas is another wedding cake specialty stand-out in the wedding design world. They understand how the structure of the wedding cake has made leaps and bounds from its rounded, three tiered, traditional self. While the elegant and traditional wedding cake is still prominent, other wedding cake styles are also arising, as is seen in the Krause-Goff wedding feature later in this issue.

Numerous brides and grooms today are choosing to celebrate their special day with wedding cake towers. You can find these towers at Paige’s Bakehouse and fill them with an array of scrumptious desserts – from cake pops to Texas-sized petit fours to moose cups. With this spread of desserts on one wedding cake tower and the amount of flavors that could be potentially incorporated, it is safe to say there is something for every appetite. In addition to the cake towers, wedding cakes with asymmetrical shapes are working their way more and more onto the wedding dessert scene. The modernity adds an additional component of excitement to the traditional wedding reception. “The wedding cake is definitely one of the most important aspects of the wedding reception. It stands royally as a main centerpiece,” states Monique Herrera of Cake Art in San Antonio, who sees rustic wedding cakes becoming more popular for brides who don’t mind breaking with tradition.

To complement the wedding cake itself, brides and grooms are also featuring bride’s cakes and groom’s cakes at their reception. These cakes really allow the happy couples to display different aspects of their personalities, making their wedding reception even more personal. These cakes tend to be far from traditional. Paige’s Bakehouse has baked groom’s cakes that are three-dimensional, sports themed, and designed in the shape of a car, to name a few. For bride’s cake, texture is very popular, ranging from ruffles to pearls. These cakes have become more or a main attraction during wedding receptions, along with the wedding cakes.

The winter wedding cake trends are ones that can enthrall wedding guests. From the array of types of wedding cakes to the wedding cake designs and styles, the wedding party and its guests are sure to be in raptures over the assortment of desserts presented. This season’s wedding dessert fashions will help make your wedding even more memorable.