Khaki & Plaid

Celebrities mingle for gala raising funds for childhood tuition assistance

By Jennifer Pucci Starr
Photography By Greg Harrison

It was a star-filled night when ABC’s Desperate Housewives actor Ricardo Chavira recently dropped in for the 3rd annual Khaki & Plaid gala. The evening benefited Hope for the Future which raises funds to help disadvantaged children in the Archdiocese of San Antonio receive a Catholic education. San Antonio’s Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller gave the opening prayer for the event held at the Vistas at Valero.

More than 850 local Catholic school alumni and supporters attended, including Chavira, who recounted stories of the unique bonds he created while attending San Antonio’s Blessed Sacrament in the 1980s. The star was recruited to the cause by friends and executive chairs of the event Frank and Cecilia Herrera, who made a surprise pledged of $50,000 which will help 50 more children attend Catholic school.

Hope for the organization’s future was established under the guidance of Archbishop Jose Gomez and community leaders as a resource for donors to give eligible families tuition assistance to send their children to the Archdiocesan Catholic School of their choice. Since its inception in 2007, the organization has received over $4 million in donations from many generous contributors, and has annually helped 1,600 children with tuition assistance. The Archdiocese of San Antonio has an estimated 7,000 children in need of tuition assistance. What goes around comes around indeed, especially with good deeds.


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