July-August 2014

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

That line, Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much is one of my favorite ways to toast a world of happiness wishes, especially to a married couple as they embark upon their new lives together. It also reminds me of how much has changed since I first started attending weddings as a little boy. At a young age I realized the importance of witnessing two people who commit to each other in a public forum surrounded by family and loved ones. My attire, from mini-size tuxedo to a light blue leisure suit, has changed almost as much as the scope of weddings has in the ensuing decades. The Carpenters’ We’ve Only Just Begun rang out during most of them, literally and metaphorically, as many of the brides either wore (or had bouquets that contained) an overabundance of the fleur d’jour, Baby’s Breath.

Most weddings were church ceremony affairs, unless it was a small, second marriage, which was considered the only kind of destination wedding possible before the later era of private jetting. If the bride and groom were married in a smaller market, the reception was either in the church’s fellowship hall, or perhaps a reserved area of a restaurant or country club. If the wedding was a fancier occasion, a hotel was enlisted as the venue with simple décor and simple food as the fare: filet mignon, baked potatoes and a vegetable.

Things changed as the world’s affluence grew exponentially, as well as marriage rights being equalized, and so have weddings and honeymoons, as we see in this issue. From Texas to Mexico to Bora Bora, we present some of the most beautiful weddings (and a honeymoon) we have ever seen. Naturally, at any wedding, every bride is beautiful and the groom is at his handsomest, and these ceremonies are an exemplary example of just that. These nuptials, grand and chic, represent what couples do today when tying the proverbial knot. Inside, butterflies floating within those about to embark upon the most important decision of their lives, just like every wedding couple before them about to experience the great unknown. It’s all part of the human story.

Once the wedding is over, the rest begins for the busy bride and groom as they set into their accommodations. But what to wear? Here we show inspiring fashions to keep every bride at her warm-weather chicest as she stays looking cool. To reflect that sensibility, the photographer/stylist team of Mark Oberlin and Andru Wallace create breathtaking inspiration in this month’s fashion feature, When Sunny Gets New, while Jill Skinner writes about a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon adventure in On An Island With You and our team of experts weigh in on summer nuptials dressing, wedding etiquette, how age-old wedding traditions became a mainstay, jaunts to Santa Fe and Montana, and so much more.

As with any endeavor; weddings, travel and beyond, it’s all about the people with whom you surround yourself, isn’t it. This month we’ve selected and media sponsored a plethora of events that reflect the best and brightest of Texas philanthropy that includes black tie galas, celebrity-packed events, and chapeau-filled luncheons raised tens of millions of dollars for causes that are in the hearts of thousands, with each dollar making a tremendous significance to programs, scholarships, facilities…. and lives.

So, we love our world. Your world. The world of high achievers and exemplary performers that we chronicle and celebrate. As you canvas the globe this summer, keep us close and keep us posted on your adventures and we’ll see you back in the ballroom shortly.

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Lance Avery Morgan