July-August 2012

Did Someone Say Party? 

Surely you don’t have to ask us twice to have a party. Or, heck, to even attend one. Make no bones about it… it is what we do and part of what we reflect in this magazine – people enjoying life to the fullest. This very busy social season has seen some of the swankiest galas in decades. The causes, all so very worthwhile, have motivated you readers to attend and contribute to them. And…we are proud to continually chronicle that success.

In this issue, we range from highlighting a classic home in the King William district of San Antonio to the scaling the wilds of Kenya, canvassing the globe with our Texas point of view to bring you the finest and most interesting articles on people, places and things that can positively affect you and your life.

Our dynamic entertaining cover story was achieved with a terrific team that took months to plan and execute. From a dreamy hill-top venue, guest list from the spectrum of community involvement, financial and society figures, to the theme of a Masque Ball, we think you’ll be inspired as we channeled our inner Old Hollywood.

Summer is our favorite time of year to reflect on where we’ve been and where we are going. Our fashion, accessories and all things stylish we focus upon are hand-selected to offer you a point of view we feel is succinct with yours. We love being a fly-on-the-champagne glass when it comes to reflecting what you want, yet we want to hear from you more because this is your magazine.

So, do let us know what you’d like to see in the magazine that you may not be seeing now. Will you give us a shout, please, or grab us by the arm at the next gala and let us know your thoughts? Remember, this magazine reflects your high performing world.

Until then, enjoy every page and party as you enjoy your Summer of Love.

Lance Avery Morgan

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