January-February 2013


I was thinking recently of how much I enjoy the advice of others who enjoy living their lives to the fullest. It is always inspiring. Whether you are revising your personal bucket list, or perhaps it is already overflowing with your full life, some of that sage advice is here and I’d love the opportunity to share it so that you can create more magic with all you do this year.

Taking the high road because the view is always better.

Leaving the party while you are still having fun.

Being kind is more important than being right.

The best classroom in the world is at the feet of a wiser and more experienced person.

Realizing that just one person saying, “You’ve made my day” makes that day for you, too.

We should be glad the Universe doesn’t always give us everything we want.

Knowing that money doesn’t buy class, smarts, or a big heart.

Understanding that a person’s tough exterior is likely someone who wants to be appreciated and loved.

The easiest way to grow as a person is to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

Finding that opportunities are never lost because someone will surely take the ones you miss.

A smile is a very inexpensive way to improve your looks.

Seeing that everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, yet all the happiness and growth really occurs while you.

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Lance Avery Morgan

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