January-February 2012

Renewably Energetic

I mean really. What a year this is already shaping up to be. Christmas is done and it’s now on to all our resolutions we’ve made. The first resolution we recommend? Love more. Love the people, places, happenings and constantly shifting demographic. This region’s greatest natural resource of energy is our people – all shapes, sizes, economic stature and philosophical viewpoints. We welcome you all and truly care about what you want to see, do and be in 2012.

This magazine reflects the several hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of words and images it took to create this for your enjoyment. Sure, it’s pretty, but it’s also important that it be smart. Since it’s our third issue, we’re kicking it into 2012 with no-holds-barred wit, wisdom, razzle-dazzle and we’re not apologizing for it.

In fact, in between all the kind emails, phone calls and (actually) hand-written notes we have received about what you like, don’t like and want to see more of here, we’ve become crystal clear that we are going to present only the best to you, our coveted reader. This may be a market that doesn’t like being compared to the Coasts, or Dallas and Houston and we’re not going to, either. What we will do is raise the bar and positively reflect for what this region is achieving on a national level in business acumen, political mojo, world-class creativity and most importantly, largesse of spirit. Isn’t that what we all want anyway?

That, and some great fun, advice and perhaps, a little escapism of things we love and want to know more about. Like Mexico. It’s steeped in tradition and its colorful heritage plays a vibrant role in our everyday lives. Our long time Austin pal and master photographer Gray Hawn captures the country’s spirit and dynamism for us in her Romancing Mexico piece that we are honored to present, written by Danielle Kaplan. Wordly is as wordly does and that’s why we also take you to Venice, the city of canals, Carnival and a cornucopia of Italian glamour written by professional traveler Pamela Lillquist and shot exclusively for us by her partner, Ariella Levitan.

Did someone say glamour? We’ve got it by the truckload with this month’s fashion feature, inventively shot by celeb photographer Mark Oberlin, whose flawless photographic eye translates into what you’ll be wearing this year.  Buckle up for our high flyin’ look at the real world of a 1960’s era stewardess in Come Fly With Her, about what Austinite Joanne Flynn’s true life experiences were really like then, compared to ABC’s series, Pan Am. And, then there are the parties, parties and more parties that we went to and are bringing you this month. We really love providing a behind the velvet rope ticket to inspire you as you plan your next gala or even neighborhood get together with the décor, fashion and people who always make for a lively evening. From San Antonio to Austin and beyond, we realize it’s about the people at the party who create the energy of fun most of all.

Want to read about how to make 2012 your best year? Enter our departments that have been created to help you grab the year by the horns and help steer it, pun intended around these parts, into the right direction. Need love advice? See Julia McCurley’s Adore page. Want to learn how to resolve conflict? Mary Schneider’s Evolve page can help that. Thinking of fun Valentine’s Day gifts to give and receive, check out our Acquire and Inspire pages helmed by San Antonian Erin Busbee and Austinite Camille Styles.

Since we all have parents and grandparents who need more attention as they get older, Dee Covey weighs in on our new Parental Discretion Advised column on how all families can be aware of issues as they begin. Event planner-to-the stars Lara Shriftman loves to host parties and this month she shows us how to host a superhero-themed shindig that will be the toast of the pre-school crowd. And, just when you think we have provided you with enough insider reading, read our Debutante Confidential story by Austin-native Madeline Cummings Noal, who has made her debut a few times and survived to tell about it.

Yes, along with the little North Pole elves recently, we’ve been working overtime to make sure life is never boring with The Society Diaries by your side and we hope you’ll enjoy this issue as we jump into 2012 with mucho gusto. 

Lance Avery Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

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