Intriguing Wedding Superstitions &Traditions Explained                           

By Molly Bayme    

At weddings, rings are placed on left ring fingers. Brides wear white veils, white gowns, something old, new, borrowed, and blue, and put a sixpence in their shoe, but do you ever wonder why? Marvel no more….we are going to explain some of the most intriguing and well renowned wedding superstitions and traditions that have become custom at weddings today.

When a couple becomes engaged, an engagement ring is placed on the bride-to-be’s fourth finger of her left hand. During a wedding ceremony, brides and grooms exchange rings and place them on the fourth finger of their significant other’s left hand. What is so momentous about the fourth finger of the left hand? According to an ancient Roman legend, a vein in the fourth finger of the left hand led to the heart. As charming as this legend is, it unfortunately was proven to be a myth. Despite this, wedding and engagement rings are still worn on the fourth finger of the left hand.

Speaking of wedding ensemble accoutrements, the traditional bride wears a veil during her wedding ceremony. Hundreds of years ago, the veil was added to the bride’s ensemble to protect the bride from evil spirits and to ensure she would have the best of luck during her special day. In addition, the veil is also seen as a symbol of modesty and purity. Brides started wearing veils to portray just that, and the tradition stayed. The veil is not the only piece of the wedding outfit that is a symbol of purity. Brides also wear white dresses on their wedding days to signify this. Both wedding veils and white wedding dresses have become a staple in the bride’s wedding attire.

In addition to wearing a wedding ring, white veils, and white gowns brides also wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a six pence in her shoe, ” but why? Having “something old” encapsulates the endurance of the bride’s family, and it is hoped this same endurance will rub off on the bride and groom as they start their own family. “Something new” further portrays the new life the bride and groom are about to begin. A bride is supposed to attain “something borrowed” from a happily married woman in a healthy marriage. This is done in an attempt to transfer the luck of the woman who the “something borrowed” item came has had in her marriage to the bride to be. As far as “something blue” goes, blue is a color of loyalty and wearing “something blue” on your wedding day will bring loyalty to your marriage. Finally, if a bride’s father puts a sixpence in the bride’s shoe on her wedding day, then it is believed that wealth will be brought to the marriage. With all of the good luck this tradition brings, what bride wouldn’t want to participate in it?

Many may view traditions and superstitions as frivolous; however, they are far from that. Not only will following these traditions and superstitions potentially enhance your marriage, but they also add an element of history and enjoyment to the wedding ceremony. Join in the superstition and tradition: wear your wedding and engagement rings on left ring finger. And brides, wear white veils, white gowns, something old, new, borrowed, and blue, and put a sixpence in your shoe. What harm could it do?