Wanderlust and whimsy doesn’t have to be reserved for the warm weather months. Winter brings its own chilly magic, and the Holiday season can inspire a childlike sense of wonder in everyone. We’ve partnered with influencer and stylist Robin Verrier of Verry Robin & Co. to share a creative DIY idea for your seasonal girls’ night (or brunchtime) get-together that will have your gal pals gleaming: the Holiday flower crown…

The holidays are my favorite time of year. This season is full of colors, fragrances and textures you can’t really get any other season, making it a feast for the senses. I love to fill my home with fresh fruit and greenery to bring the outdoors inside. What better way to do that than to make a wintery flower crown? I love this idea for holiday events, family photos or even get-togethers dedicated to this fun DIY project. The beauty of making a flower crown is that there is no rhyme or reason to it. You can create a crown using whatever you’d like and, 9 times out of 10, it’s going to look gorgeous.

To get started, you will need the raw materials. This can really be anything you want, but for this project I selected fresh cedar branches, small white tea roses, seeded eucalyptus, red berries, and red Alstroemeria. Keep in mind that it’s good to use flowers and greenery that have a nice long stem that allow them to hold better when you’re fastening them to the crown, so they aren’t falling out while you’re wearing it. You will also need some plant tape and green wire and a pair of trusty pruning shears or garden scissors.

STEP 1: Start snipping pieces of cedar off and fastening them together with wire.

STYLIST’S TIP: You want your crown to be more on the snug side so that when it’s heavy with flowers it won’t droop too much. To fasten the small pieces together, simply wrap the wire around the ends many times until it’s fastened securely. You also want to make sure that the crown is going to fit your head, so be sure to stop along the way and try it on and see how much more you will need to make it fit.

STEP 2:  Fasten the small flowers and berries all over the crown in any fashion you like.

STYLIST’S TIP: You can completely cover the crown with blooms like a wreath, or you can pick a side to embellish. Keep in mind that when you do pick a side to decorate, try to make it even enough so that you don’t end up with a droopy crown. To prevent this, keep trying it on (gently!) as you go. I like my flower crowns to look organic and fluid, so I allow longer pieces to poke out and I don’t try to pin other bits down as I go. I kind of let the plants do their thing.

To keep the crown fresh, tuck it safely in the fridge until it’s ready to wear. I would estimate that these crowns can keep up to a day – maybe two – depending on the types of flowers used. Make sure to have fun and don’t overthink it! I always say, the best things happen when we are least trying.

Happy Holidays, Darlings!

xo, Robin Verrier

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