I like… how about you? The great style arbiter Diana Vreeland had a column in Harper’s Bazaar in the 1930s and 1940s called Why Don’t You. It inspired readers to think outside the box of the everyday norm. Here, style mave Jordann Wormser inspires you to do the same today.

…learn five new vocabulary words a week so you can express yourself more specifically? Many misunderstandings are founded over inefficient communication. Say what you mean.

..add some Grand Marnier to a pitcher of mimosas and have a fall picnic brunch with a few friends? Bring along some lox, capers and schmeer for a fabulous mini soirée all before the afternoon heat sets in.

…go a weekend without wearing make up as a protest to society’s idea of beauty? Get comfortable in your own skin and hold your head high- you are beautiful without covering your face. Plus, well-groomed eyebrows and a tinted lip gloss go a long way.

…repurpose an old dresser as a makeshift bar? Leave the top drawer but remove the ones below for tall bottles and glasses. The juxtaposition of your DIY project and some crystal barware will be gorgeous… especially if you paint your new bar chartreuse.

…spend part of the fall afternoon in a lavender scented bath listening to Billie Holiday? You may find yourself wanting to remain there until New Years.

…take the oriental rug runner from your living room and put it in the backyard as a platform for some unique family photos?

…plan a trip to the opera (or a play or ballet or symphony) every weekend for the next month? Taking in some beauty, music and artistic expression will lift your soul. It is also nice to have fun plans to look forward to.

…actually clean your jewels ahead of time? Next time you go to wear your grandmother’s ring it will be ready for you. Dip them in a glass of vodka for more sparkle.

…jet to the nearest city just to lunch at a fabulous restaurant? Do some research to find somewhere you have never dined and make a day of it.

…build a beautiful care package for a friend or relative whom you don’t get to see often? It will be the highlight of her day and you get to go on a fun shopping spree for someone you love.

…go to a movie or a restaurant alone? Being comfortable without a posse in public may feel a little strange at first, but who could be better company than your fabulous self?

…travel with a pair of scissors with some velvet ribbon in your car at all times? Next time you see wildflowers on the side of the rode, pull over and pick a bouquet or three and bind them with the ribbon. Give one to someone who looks like they’re having a bad day.

…go an entire day without saying “I?” It is more of a challenge than you might think as we focus inwardly so much.

…find the perfect shade of bright pink lipstick and wear it for a week? My favorite is “Girl About Town” by MAC. You have no idea how fantastic it will make you feel.

…learn how to sew? Perhaps this skill is one that should have stuck around when they stopped teaching Home Economics in school. Hemming your own pants or doing some basic alterations on a blouse could save you a great deal of time and money.

…replace the boring and/or ugly buttons on a jacket with fun ones? Now it is a one of a kind garment with a little splash of your personality.

…bring back shoe clips? You can find them online like everything else these days, but I recommend searching for the perfect vintage pair in an antique store. Jazz up those plain pumps, lady. Side note: they can frequently double as hair décor.

…make Gazpacho? There are many different ways to make it but ultimately it is easy, healthy and Incredibly refreshing on a hot Texas summer day.

…read up on American history? Our country is something to be proud of and most of us were not listening in elementary school, or have forgotten much of what we did retain.

…wallpaper your ceiling. What is above you matters as much as what is below you. Just ask any astronaut


…completely be yourself? So many of us hold back the unique aspects of our personalities for fear of being judged. Just let go and people can take it or leave it.