Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 12.44.04 PMHotel Saint Cecilia, Hotel San Jose, and El Cosmico are more than just idyllic hotels to enhance your vacations. The gifts of the holiday season are anxiously awaiting you at each of these hotel stores. Worried about finding the perfect holiday present? Search no more. The retail stores of Hotel Saint Cecilia, Hotel San Jose, and El Cosmico have the necessities of this holiday season that you’ve been seeking this time of year.


The El Cosmico retail store in Marfa, Texas has a select combination of holiday gifts that are to die for, starting with the Dutchtub Loveseat by Weltevree ($4295). Available in orange, night blue, or dawn white at no additional cost or any RAL color for an additional $400, the loveseat can go from fifty-five degrees to one hundred and four degrees in roughly two hours. How? Fill the fiberglass tub with water, light a fire, and stir the water when you add wood. As far as purses for the holiday season go, Designer Rene Holguin created a striking bandana bag with beautifully broken in leather handles perfect for anything from a casual day shopping to a night out on the town. Next on the holiday wish list is the Kimono Robe ($150). Its intricate, unique design combined with its desired comfort quality makes this robe a must-have. Also found at the El Cosmico is the Imogene + Willie Apothia candle, guaranteed to light up the holiday season with its combination of African ginger and warm wood paraffin and soy blend ($55). In addition to the aforesaid, Bolivian Blankets ($350) and pillows ($300) are sure to inspire our bright color-loving souls and warm bodies with its hand-loomed vintage South American design.

Finally, El Cosmico presents the Custom Fragrance Ranch Road Soap ($10).  These bars are made from the finest natural olive, coconut, palm, avovado, and almond oils with shea butter botanicals, and pure essentials. The scent of this soap is one worth mentioning with its combination of Lapsand Souchong Tea and essential oils of cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, juniper berries, clary safe, cardamom, and clove. Need we say more? It’s a necessity this holiday season and make this one to remember with gifts from Hotel Saint Cecilia, Hotel San Jose, and El Cosmico. We can guarantee that the retail stores within these hotels will not disappoint you.


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