Transformation in the present depends on the completion of the past. Letting go of what’s happened to make way for a better future is key. Here, Austin-based Resonance RepatternIng Practitioner, Mary Schneider shares insight on how you can create greater personal growth in 2016

At this time of the New Year, we traditionally evaluate the year that has just passed and look to the year upon us for something that is going to be more, better, or different. How do we suppose that is going to happen for us? Unless we take the chance to look at ourselves from a different perspective, it is probably not going to happen. Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If we take this wisdom to heart, we will want to look at creating things for the better in new and different ways.


We all have a tendency to look outside ourselves for the answers to our problems and symptoms of distress. The answers cannot be found in the external world. We think that if we just had more money, a better job, a different relationship… that things would be better. A very wise friend of mine once said, “Wherever you go, there you are.” More money, a better job, and a different relationship will not lead us to more, better or different experiences and feelings in any deep and lasting way. If we really want this kind of change to occur, we want to engage ourselves in real transformation that helps reconcile our past, in order to move into the future.

Completion always prepares the way for new beginnings. The more acknowledgement and gratitude we express for the ending of a particular event or activity, the better our transition into our next endeavor becomes. Just as de-cluttering our homes and office spaces helps with de-cluttering our minds and hearts, so too de-cluttering our lives of incomplete past experiences makes way for empowered actions and outcomes in the present.

When you let go of what you no longer need, you make room for expansion. So, why not look at the most inspired and empowered words of wisdom I have learned from some of the greatest teachers in the world today? Since we have completed 2015 with the solid intention of creating a new beginning, let us fill this open, available space of expansion with the insights of the most inspired spiritual leaders of our time. Then, we can enter into this next new beginning with some food for thought as to how we might create whatever it is that we want in 2016 with great intention.

Intention is an aim, plan or purpose that literally moves energy. Intention makes everything in the universe work. The intention of the sun is to shine and create warmth and brightness – and to come up every morning. Intention creates the resolve necessary to be or act in a particular manner. What I have continually seen in my practice over the years is that if someone actually does have the intention to make things more, better or different, the particular methodology for the resolution of their issues will appear.


Intention is the motivation to learn and grow in trust. For when a human being is having a difficult time in life (and we all experience this from time to time), the resolution to find a way to move through and beyond what is troubling them is in itself an act of trust. This is also true with regard to finding more, better, and different experiences. First we set the intention, and allow that the universe will always discern our level of commitment and will respond accordingly; thus, progress begins. What we need to move us to the next level of our growth and development will show up.

Generally, when we are in the process of transformation, what we are dealing with is not on a conscious level. Negative thought patterns and limiting belief systems in addition to our family system’s rules and expectations are stored in our subconscious. In order for us to move into something more, better or different, we have to search for these patterns, look at them, contemplate them and see how they have affected our lives. After we have been through this step of the process, we will have the ability to let them go. This is a complex and beautiful process that we can achieve with intention and practice. Prayer, affirmations and positive thinking are all very helpful and in order for us to really transform, we need to look at the subconscious in all its iterations and get comfortable with it. And, this process takes time – patience and time.

In this bright, shiny New Year of 2016, let us resolve to move into transformation and completion by getting to know ourselves. What waits beyond this, is beyond anything that we have been able to envision or imagine. May this be the best year ever for all of us with an abundance of peace and love.