Fiesta’s Order Of The Alamo Presents Court Of Grecian Glory

By Jake Gaines
Photography by Greg Harrison
Portrait photography by Gary Stanko of Billo Smith Studios

THE SCENE: Fiesta San Antonio 2016, celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, promised to be a showstopper and indeed most agree it was the annual celebration’s best year ever. Fiesta supports many local philanthropic organizations and contributes substantially to the city’s economy. The festivities and pageantry, lasting several days and nights, extended into three full weeks this year. Events included the Battle of Flowers parade through downtown, directed by the Battle of Flowers Association and founded in 1891 by local business leaders when the Fiesta was inaugurated. The work that went into the festivities, almost a year into the making, proved itself through the positive impact the events had on the city of San Antonio.

THE VIBE: Fiesta’s gorgeous gowns are legendary, and this year’s designs were especially stunning – in fact, the 18-foot long trains weigh between 60 to 80 pounds. The dazzling dresses, crowns, and grand trains sparkled with brilliant jewels, beads, and sequins that emphasized the grand festivities that unfolded at the regal Majestic Theatre downtown. The Court of Grecian Glory theme, was created by Mistress of the Robes Carrie Green, inspired the heavily bejeweled gowns that drew from the Greek Isles, each garment was influenced by Athens, the Parthenon, the Olympics, art, literature, philosophy and ancient Greek mythology.

THE CAUSE: Her Gracious Majesty, Caroline Carrington, Queen of The Court of Grecian Glory, presided over the coronation, and with Her Royal Highness, Morgan McClelland, Princess of Hellenic Grandeur, they led the court of 24 duchesses. Rosemary Kowalski served as the Grand Marshal for this year’s Battle of Flowers parade. R. Hunt Winton served as this year’s King Antonio XCIV, the 2016 Coronation Chairman was Scott Christie, while the President of the Order of the Alamo is Brandon Clementson. Contributing to Fiesta’s spirit of giving, The Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation, founded in 1989, have raised over $3.5 million dollars to date that have been awarded to local children’s charities.

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